Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pace Taker 6

'There were few words yet for wordless communication made possible by neuro technology that just as often as not had nothing to do with the portion of the brain responsible for labeling things,ideas,feelings with prefixes,consonats ,verbs ,adjectives ..." thought Layla Pace
glad that her thoughts-unlike her son's were kept hidden behind 2 inches of porous skull bone -beneath which--as far as Layla knew ( and really how could she or you for that matter know for sure) was not addled with 400, 000 bio sensors created to drive another to madness
or new type of sanity that only asked one forfeit one's ego to a Articial Elegance
that knew best psycho cyberentically
How and Whom
Should Be
'Graphing ' was the word Denny used when he spoke about the Brainlink
with what he called his Mandlers.
At first it had seemd to both Layla and her son an adventure
and a pleasure.
After all the researchers at Proxy Cyber had told Layla that the data aquired by the BrainLink would be used to cure nearly all forms of Neurological and Physiologcal probelms
nothing whatsoever was said about neuro weapons testing nor much of anything except
the need for Layla not to tell a soul about the "chips" including Denny
Layla tried to recall exactly what was so difficult her son's "behavioral issues" two years ago to force her to take such drastic action
that could have been worse than participating in the off the grid trials to literally make Denny's mind an open book to be read and next written upon by headset ,helmet wearing Mentors whose job it was to think frequency to Denny's neurons ina style that mimicked every as yet discovered type of brain signal for the human computer and direct neural interface .
Two years earlier Layla had been told that the biotech injected into her son's arm could cure Denny's autism.

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