Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Kevin Lee, "The Little State Department": Hollywood and the MPAA's Influence on U.S. Trade Relations, 28 Nw. J. Int'l L. & Bus. 371 (2007-2008

'2112-The writing of posts and blogs directly online  is an old forgotten custom introduced upon civilization in the mid 1990's ."Tweeting "and what was once called "sharing  ",often of  finished or unfinished plates of food and  what were once called 'selfies" involved a social engineering scheme to addict the masses to what we now understand are dangerous Eletro Magnetic Fields .Some history revisionists consider posting and blogging a version of the Buddhist art of Sand mandala ,'Richard began writing on a small notebook he kept beside the monitored computer.
Of course Richard knew that his every thought was captured and decoded by his "team' at "Parasol Pictures "who  had put him up to writing a version of whatever bullshit was sent straight to cortex via Silent Sound . 
Parasol Pictures didn't mind Richard writing "The 80,000" once he finished writing his Directive 77 co written  
spontaneous 'musings" of the day. 

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