Monday, March 7, 2016

bryan singer for your supper

Targeted Individuals are not even labeled ‘conspiracy theorists’ by the gatekeepers of the media for we do not exist to the media.
Yet look at how the mainstream media PLAYS with an OPEN LOOP INTERFACE in programing (Orphan Black and the episode of Black Mirror (White Bear) "cover Gang stalking as if it were an inside joke ,as does "Mulholland Drive " T.I. West's "House of the Devil", Martyrs and many more programs... The Industry that is Hollywood that once covered it's almost Biblical way of creating indentured servants controled by handlers now has made "an industry " of "I'm in with the In Crowd" hand gestures..jewelery fashion about the JOY of being kept on a leash and selling you soul to "the devil' ....If one mocks the system/industry with out a set of Jim Cary Cliffnotes a meaningful way------ one is Black listed from "the cult of this odd culture that has celebrate 'Greed is Good " since go to 'outsider' Oliver Stone created the anthem of the 1980's not so cleverly disguised as a cautionary tale about 'money isn't everything...
Targeted Individuals (including one's raised to ONLY mechanism -this one lost his way in Hollywood in the mid 90's not wanting to be bryan singer's pool chair )
TIs exist only in the bog of cheap looking blogs and websites that all but scream insubstantial ,marginal -crazy. And this is not an accident
YES..I was give other jobs after being punished by das Voice of God in 1994 for 8 months for no wanting to get f*cked by Emerging "artistes"
YES das king and kuntry of hollywood forgave me...and asked me to only bait potential dissenters with artwork meant to do so..
and later to "lend a hand" demolishing Yound Adult's minds with stories meant to portray the New Way as demonically delisious cautionary tale to be OK being a mere supplicant to such vampire and feel personal grace contenting yourself with the lie
YOU DON"T WANT TO BE on top with the BAD GUYS..
and behold I failed at that as well
(although I use pieces of my attempt at Guy Woodhousing my way to better Holmes and guard em'
to move this narrative to no one forward. VOrt Vort Vort )
my final challenege to get any money whatsoever ..after an unfortunate large piece of canvas that dared mock Gwenth paltrow and stella mccartney ..and hence
an alluring lure BACK to Los Angeles..
(I love yer work style)
to be "app-ed" with das nations's finest in bio warfare...I mean bio tech
to not only hear but SEE....
and be thought to at 3 times the speed speed speed by Mandlers of note to make some use of me creating woooooah as me examples of what they das do to RUINER SCUM such as myself
who has been warned...
(2).There is a reason that the alternative media sites look as they do S....the"gatekeepers" of Alt Media employ hundreds if not thou
sands of people to be beacons of LOON ..
.shills for the cause of disinformation wrapped in late night radio host/pod cast neon and comicon marvel Matrix ! Most TIs seriously hurting ,damaged and desperate look at the "Matrix like" Deep deep blue on black words about TIs and quickly become disillusioned..AS WE ARE MEANT TO..the sites we "stumble upon" are purposed to either feed us fairy tales of Alien Black Goo...Our lack of skill and lack of money and thus connections to PR "guys" who we might hire to somehow stylize our stories and logs of what TIs across the world are going through many Ti have tried .I too have tried communicating with several PR firms in the past to attempt to help clean up our image as TIs and unstage the prestaged nonsense that is definitive of how TI are respesented on the internet ...everything under the sun has been done to us as TIs ...and we cannot say enough ..but there is CONFUSION .when we lob it all together ..there must be several dozens of different tests taking place ...and we get confused and off mark discussing the larger implications such as EMF damage to children ..and discussions about Monarch Programming (which by no means is not part of this ..however-----not to most )..How does it look do WE look to a "lay person " who types in the word Targeted Individual..? type it in yourself and see what pops up...
yes a PR firm to dis fragment and make respectable we targeted individuals being harmed to some collective voice online that isn't mired in 'tin foil hat "tropes of real (?) telepathy .ESP,Remote Viewing ,celestial "communion" and parables that "The Lawd" shall condemn the various hospitals ,research trusts ,corporations , front organizations etc who have literally decided to use a NOT SO SMALL segment of the population that has quite literally been captured (as might a human man or woman was in Africa well over a century ago) to be used as human fodder (as logs) for human testing and torture.
Not one PR "guy" returned my calls -there is a stigma to being a TI that goes with explaining 'the ins and out" --"IT"-- of explaining what we go through....our day to day living - we exist but do we live? do we thrive ..half the time I simply want to die to be honest.
.there is something depraved I sometime think about "sticking around " that is not noble but perhaps defiant
and THAT has to be enough?
"the users of men and woman" want very much self exit to be ingrained in a TI..IT is. I am well aware I write on a platform that owns several of the patents that wish to make synthetic telepathy a household item. I am aware that agencies that are committed to doing whatever "it takes' to hurt another with weapons that by nature are active denial. If of course Hollywood or the mainstream media JUST ONCE broke a story that explained "Voice of God /Voice to Skull" technology and Synthetic Telepathy in a mere few minutes Tis would not be seen as pariah but survivors of some of the most blatantly abhorrent "work" done on human beings regarding Human Testing in the history of man.
Calling the Targeted Individual crazy seems to have very little to do with how much evidence there is to support our claim nor the quality of the evidence we the TIs post daily , HOURLY moreso a political call, based on who the evidence or recognition of our indeed CRAZY predicament benefits. There is money in learning the ins and outs of human response .Big money is big data.There is money in learning how to absolutely control a human being to their pre synaptic firing and money in understanding how one responds to cues especially if they can now be imbued upon them with signal .
Very wealthy people and very powerful people in the military ,in intelligence ,in the TV and Film industry ,the computer industry ,academics ,sciences and data companies have a vested interest in "getting away with' Human Testing and I for one do not want them punished in any after life not those who literally play God with Voice of God Technology and play judge with Synthetic Telepathy.
But I doubt it will happen.
These people who do things so out of the set norm of ethics THEY force down OUR throats as 'the style of the times" perhaps since the times of Pharos are a species in themselves -are their terms for these type people ? Of course there is . A purposely outrageous title that fits like hand in glove with 'conspiracy theory" New World Order NOT something simple like Social Engineering nor can they just be called "The Ruling Class " all mater of symbols (satanic rabbit holes , all seeing triangles ,"secret handshakes, occultism). Why? Because a large aspect of social control and certainly psychcyberneic "I say Tomato you say toMATo" has to with Myth and established co conscious understanding. But WHY SO FRIGHTENING did the Power Brokers choose to make our cues now when "the mission " supposedly of "Singularity" was and is about 'The End of World Religion" for what ? Instead Neuro Lingusitc Sematics that are "sexy" dark and far removed from softness of heart but of a submissive coldness of heart and Gang /Clan like "My Milkshake Brings../I DRINK your MILKSHAKE tribalism of a new conformity that will demand "Game-I-nes" like fraternity with BETTORS (and have we EVER in the history of man be forced to stare at celebrity and tits and abs and cars and COOL and BAD like this..If I could only explain what Synthetic Telepathy means in terms of lowering yourself to quite truly be driven by another YOU ARE SUPPOSED to be in awe of as less and less of you remains to fight an Artificial Intelligence manned by men who want ONLY a man or woman to be vehicle for some causeless cause except the desire for the Ruling Class to ONCE MORE have pets that are people who must "Yes Sir" "Yessem" them WHILE the A.I./ Tele-Presence freeloads IN YOUR mind and body.
A TI is not a ‘conspiracy theorist’ for our stories are not too wild to be believed but too true to be 'urban myth" or "a joke" in a TV sitcom. So,there is some hope.So,there IS in fact some fear from our masters TIs .As the Power Brokers who enjoy owning others ,who destroy Wall Street while making calls to actors who might play them on Tv ,the Hollywood Elite (with more patents in Direct neural Interface than any other industry including the military and big Pharma,big data combined ) who mock everything for a 2 second laugh -track have stayed far away from making Targeted Individuals or Synthetic Telepathy their "thang".
Maybe the crazy ways human test subject are hurt and humiliated and killed or kill themselves because of the intrusion won't work as entertainment except as metaphor in nearly every new Young Adult book as if to prepare the future generation for "The Club' of Knowing One's Place and respecting it. Once most of the "way to do it" (have people run on tracks and cues and sound and vision that can "connect ' straight to cortex /Mind's Eye there will be no sense of enslavement but this Singularity of One ness that also promises this "rigging" of your very mind to the cloud and "Internet of Things" will also Collect You and thus Save You as if Life and memory and consciousness is mainly for saving in a recycle bin that "one day" might be transferred to some hologram.This will not happen. There would and will be no reason to keep anyone around once their "carcass " is will be more than inferred about a Pyramid .Talk about a scheme...I must be careful.I sense myself drifting both to pontiff and worse the disaffected unreliable source who cares little about what is happening to him and others but one who must always (to remain AWAY from "IT" escape to waxing poetic about a type of hell that is the ONLY thing missing from the BRAND we now have been taught is to be called "The Illuminati",

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