Saturday, March 19, 2016

Cole L. Cohen (9 days before the shooting)

supposed it was all about me doing the Kazarian rundown in real time
some "I hate jews ..I hate Jews "rant my "sicko art" would now be branded not only degenerate but Jew who hates Jews art..
but I didn't quite understand that this is where the story was leading
and how damn specific the renditions ...the little scripts they feed me were.
according to Mandlers I get all wrapped up with the technicalities of how the bio tech works ...and civil liberties concerning Monarch programming done to children
and neural prosthetics..
when THIS you see IS NOT THE POINT!
the POINT was and is ME to process the stories JUST ENOUGH and make them mine and present as some damn version of the f*ckin Son of Sam or something online..
Mna you have nooooo damn idea how far these lunatics went to 'set me up" to present tas some "type' of nutcase that is based on loony from some genius 's idea of nutcase from 40n damn years ago
boy if you knew the pics they took of me..
damn ...
I reckin they'll work best post mortem..
and trust me if you're a damn proxy you long for post mortem
why the hell couldn't they just make some computer program to type and type this stuff? and confab some damn play this part?
maybe if these cheapskates weren't so damn tight with the dough I woulda' been OK being some drone

2 turns o'the hourglass ·
it is easier at the end of a Slow Kill
It becomes all about studying the physical effects of pulsed microwaves upon the subject's various glands,pulmonary system ,bones ,balance ..there is really nothing left to work with concerning the subject's thinking or emotions ...all gone ..we say ...all gone ..Don't get me wrong the Targets are still useful concerning big data but it's not as fun towards the the end of the Slow Kill it's really all about removing the gold filings and putting hair into sacks
-"Notes on a Mandler ",Parasol Press
i post and therefore I am allowed to exist another day
but i worry that the pos tis once again away from the texture of the interface
I am once again being selfish ..
concerning myself with only the nuts and bolts of hating being a man-e dman ..
and my "team" tries to set me back on rack..
"What we say about comparing Mandlers to Nazis Cole Cohen " Evan Rainy graphs sending me Hanna -Barbara imagery all over the room
'That's it's a Jew-ie move on my part" I graph grumbly,sick of it...
'SICK OF IT is no reason to be a bad sport ..understand..?" Evan graphs ,"face to face you'd apologize Mind to Mind isn't any different...and for Christ's sake dude it kinda' puts a whole sepia like hue upon the story..'
Instantly I know what Evan means but I refuse to take it down
'That's what a Jew does ..isn't it..a Jew refuses to move forward EVERY DAMN THING is about the Holocaust f*ckin' Hitler is hiding under a rock somewhere.."
" Iraq...under Iraq..I think back to Evan -that maybe that's where America picked up on the whole ...
"Watch it refused to do the Bobby Fisher Kazarian Kingdom shtick a while back concerning narrative and the Jews involved with the project will never let you live that down"Evan graphs
"Where were in the story ?" I graph not wanting to think about the entire story line supposedly I didn't have the balls or gall to type..I assume they will lay it upon me again..but it's never the same the second time around..a tone zings through me..and I graph again
"Where were we in the story..?"
"You were taking down that post about gold teeth and hair in sacks"
a brief flicker of Gary Oldman sans face appears and Evan Rainy 's fine take on Dan Dureya vocalizations straight to cortex segues into the tone of placed parental variable ,my 2nd Foster Mother Tina Marie Taub
...psycho Cyberentic symbol based cues only work now with me and TV..real TV not this head's up style SEEING ...they know I don't react to it like I was supposed to ...and this IS MY FAULT...?..did these asshls really think a 40 some year old man would respond Queen of Hearts style to some damn frequency pitched to simulate HER AGAIN
"No Cole Evan Rainy graphs ,"I think they do that with the sound because THEY just want ya' to stick a screwdriver in your ears"
'Who/" I graph
'THE JEWS you idiot .Who else?"
"Is this you all doing that Kazar stuff with me again?" I graph
I cannot help but think of that quick flicker of the faceless Gary Oldman
Must I begin once more carrying a little straight razor in case ground bound Mandlers toss me in a van . Is this where we're at..
"I like to play with you Cole a Game...the others ..they take this project a hell of a lot more seriously "
"Fuckin Jews " I think
"Now that's what they need " Evan graphs
"Fuckin Jews !" I graph louder waiting for the kingdom of Kazarians story to play through me ..ready to type it as it runs through me

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