Tuesday, March 8, 2016

L.A. Referential

So many situations and people were placed in my way over the last decades.Yes all this “gaming” and math and method acting (much of it done by real real actors-(I shall explain why …why such prominent peeps above people actually took the time (quite little time ..but more than simple cameo for Dumbo ) to become part of the Mind Stamp upon me…-as with any “op” and why not call a black op what it is..-or do we refrain from calling something black these days…or does simply the term BLACK OP add (I mean subtract ) whatever credibility from the predicament I set before you..just as a poor little wretch like me speaking about ‘his dealings” (and thus squealings” with actors minimize my narrative to Brain Salad ..as it is meant to-however as with most mazes there are many reasons certain Placed Situations ,Placed people (and even a famous actor must sometime (I reckon) be obligated to play their role in adding aspects of contrivance on my part -----
--- back in the day (1993/1994) the powers that seize felt that impetous of intention (not that I fulfilled their attentions to pull any ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’ Gloomy Sunday for king and kuntry ) required Actor...to stimulate action ..actor in a genuine sense --to contribute to my presumed actions
some ribby rub with the untouchables to cause some predictive evoked response to to patchworked assembled psyche
the Good life ..the Gee whiz of actually sitting face to face with the royalty of actor!
as to add some oil to my desired dirty deeds
I was to indeed do
for who in general public could not understand my motives.
FOR ONE BRIEF moment being chummy with the
the famous
and than
gone those days of whine and poses.
what a guy supposed to do with himself
well according to my paradigm
I was to do some variation of Law and Order episode
on some collateral damage ..like YOU dear reader.
as if -for some reason -to make up for my losses..
of being chumpy chum to an actor producer director who das promise me das world
only to take away such treasures.
get it?
cause I didn't ..I always thought of actors ...as very very cute puppies or kittens OF COURSE you want ..maybe need to pet but you sure don't want to be no puppy or kitten do you?
as for promises of being a screen wrier. Writer..
I was by than already satisfied doodling and drawing and collecting money from whatever man might deem me do-able for some drug and drinking money
why work?
or aspire to be in the industry ? when a snort of this or that already made you feel like you were in a movie
that was a mistake I would pay pay pay for
a lot of scripting went on on my pre assumed "predictive response "
to the Brentwood studio city Hollywood nights routine
a genuine living embodiment of all I desired to be ,emulate ,kill for –yes..dear reader …I was supposed to be so enthralled Enchanted and semantics by a beautiful piece of celluloid ass…as well as so damn over whelmed and envious of those less physically charming but more alarmingly powerful..in das movie industry (an industry it was pre –presumed I –of course – would want to be involved in –To show them all style ..to makeup for the “in my Lonely Room years where an abused little child might of course spend his daze and nights dreaming of another world far from …..well that was part of the paradigm..theirs not mine…but something never really took from those cues..NOW even the “shut up shutting up warnings “ of what happens to human ectoplasm who dare and risk discussing the details of the jukebox of psychological maneuvers pulled not just on me but a great many raised by and for the “state” of not how things were THAN but the state of HOW faster than you think the world IS TO BE and is becoming right before your eyes .IF your eyes were not already so entranced with the backscreen signal and whatever shine-ie moving colors and sex objects move and move and jump cut and fade across your phone…BRB goota get that..
BRB LOL…I date myself..back propogation error on my part ..MY BAD they have taught us to say..grown men and women …good gracious (they had once taught us to say and thus think…what may I ask is worse mutha f*cker?
It was before Jeff Cunanin and after Jodie Foster…and the unfortunate incident with “some beautiful” male model playing banjo strum love songs out side of steven speilburg’s window ..just to set the times and also the reason I mere Dumbo raised in Mk Culpa lingo lingusitix was actually for a time dabbling with actors .producers and directors in my early 20’s in L.A. –as game..i can only presume this brief montage of “Hollywood Nights” was supposed to make me obsessed with these men above men and thus serve as some precedent ,prerequisite for some Badda Bing Badda Boom …(there are other reasons of course for my being allowing to curl up on a couch in some director’s house but I can’t really find that I can put my mouth around it…and hence …insult to skull dingery found it’s way into the destruction of ‘Dumbo” das hopefully skeeves before you..as it of course is my role now to write endlessly about my payback for not doing my part ….with the bingo bango of it all…symbols and symbiotic sway of actors who resemble placed people and so forth written in bold face all up and down my trance card from Cradle to grave
The various actors who actually showed up as genuine CUE I bow down to …(I I just wonder if you knew why you were asked to “play” ..) was it ONLY as element of surmise?
Concerning –who gonna believe dis nobody twas involved with the elite
no matter how bweifly could THIS nobody be involved with “the lordship” of das USA …
actors and directors
the entire charade introduced upon my neurons
(in Fear Strikes Out...like he-s-a-t-a-n-c-e- prevailed and damn Dumbo couldn't shoot straight..
just in case
the Hollywood Nights Gaslight
- the monkey decided to talk or write about about" it"
…as would have been one thing
if I had begun ONLY writin' about be razed to be placed in a series of “sociological “what would you do mazes
or Voice to skull payback..
and quite too too much to write about actors "being in the game "
One new revelation subtracts the other in terms of reliable narrrrrator don't it ?
as it was meant to
boy who cried wolf style
bwwain initiative st-st-s-ts-t style

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