Thursday, March 31, 2016

Break In

"well Doc...they said at first .the THEY us cwwwwazy people talk about when describing technological Advanced Weapons sometimes called Neuro weapons to f*ck with yer mind. no it 's not in your DSM 5 Doc...than it must not be real ..thank ya' soo very much for humoring me ..don't think it's not dumb kunt..sorry know how us Cwaazy people have such a hard gosh time keeping up the needed facades for innnter -action .well starting at the beginning ? This THEY behind what they call Voice to Skull weapons said "THIS IS THE UNITED STATES governernment ! Leave YOUR APARTMENT NOW leave your keys. Well Jeeesus and Joseph Stalin bro I was so damn scared I did what this Higher Power said YESSUM! stayed out in the cold for 7 hours ..slept on a vent thought I'd fuuuukin freeze to death ..kicked a window in to get back inside that morning..and THIS Doc was day ONE...been years of this now..and you asking me if I want to harm myself...what self Doctor...? what you think is left concerning self..Well now strange as it might seem when someone be saying THIS IS THE UNITED STATES ARMY THIS IS THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT! all inside your ears ..from NOWHERE seemingly you kind of resssspect the CALLING...than ...well than you ask yourself hmmmmm.. exactly what office or branch in the United States of Anything do I write to ya' know to get this sh*t to stop? I mean is there a department of Psychotronic Torture I don't know about ..yeah Doc just write me up a f*ckin I'm not agitated ..and of course I understand DIS IS ALLL IN MY HEAD

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