Friday, March 18, 2016

2011- Los Angeles The DUPE staring at things nobody else could see
The DUPE hearing things nobody else could hear
The DUPE sensing through him senses pulsed upon him
his emotions no longer under his own signal but theirs
his "TEAM " using his mind like a canvas
the frequency a never ending "God Stopper" of feelings not his own
it felt as if his every thought was being read and written upon
he had looked for cameras ...microphones..
as if this was some bad straight to video movie.
he had looked just the same
back when his very sight was not overlaid with images of demons next insects next Christ
and back again DEMONS
INSECTS and again
seemingly floating mid air ..or worse the sequence DEMON INSECT CHRIST DEMONI INSECT CHRIST
woven into the negative spaces..
and drapes and shadows of his shabby apartment
he picked the pairing knife and cut into his wrist
just to know he could do it...if he needed to.
the cut wouldn't stop bleeding
the idea to cut himself for this reason the DUPE did not know was not his own
and the DUPE heard the VOICE
"What do you know about the world Dummy .You were warehoused from the world your entire life for these tests "
and this time when the DUPE cut
it was on his own recognizance

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