Tuesday, June 3, 2014

King Creole

Eventually Gary gave up on the notion of re Christening Neuronautics as a corporation
 preferring the gifts of Neuronautics being credited as a bona fide religion.

The Religious hook gave Neuronautics some of the same legal enticements as would have incorporating itself
but Gary realized  - the self entitlements of branding "the Movement"  a Company
have it's drawbacks
for instance
a Neuronaut chose to run for offices outside of the "mission" itself..

there was something 'safe: sounding about the word "corporation"
that made people feel more at ease with their Calling
calling Neuronautics a religion.

some safe about the word....Company or Industry
like there was something that sounded 'safe" about calling a his "homebase'
a Homestead or even a "commune:
rather than
a Compound ..
For the sake of the Group as a whole
Gary Rainy officially stepped down from his position as "Grand Pooh Bah"
of the Movement
if for no other reason than
it concerned him  that the press referred to the organization
as a cult
and to him as it's messiah..
with him out of the public eye Gary realized
he could actually achieve more
for the cause
now that he would no longer be it's figure head

Gary knew that the "Motherment" despised anyone
being seen as figure head but themselves..
Gary needed to find a person of "themselves"
within the org
who personified
and a type of sensibility that the media
as both one of their own and one of THEIR own

Gary found he was more busy
down with the grunts
than he was with
the spirits.

Still he made sure he was in" High Tone" with the urethral Entity
spending a good 3 hours a day
beneath a modified motorcycle helmet filled with bio sensors
that could and
record not only his cognitive states and inner monolog
as he reread sections of his especially important lectures
but also
"merged" extra sense Emotives he felt when he went UP THERE
with the Great Entity
especially when he dosed himself with just a spot of DMT and Ketamine..

a little synthetic push with these formidable "potions"
how determined Gary Rainy  was to record and than induce Holy Quauntum Qualities of Being

to his flock
synchronize or over-ride their senses and brain signature with
a simply
mentoring Program
and a
well placed chip

that seamlessly
conveyed  doctrines of "The New Way "
to other's without the
impersonal barriers of Old Way Technologies such as  TV screens or tapes recordings..

The Brain Computer Interface machine that Gary used was portable and small
    unlike the grand
    Immersive Reality
 used at Parasol Pictures  Studios......

(most of the actors had received imbedded nano  chips or no contract .
    at first
 so they might not need to memorizing the scripts or impetuous of their characterizations

as on set and on bio speckled headset would always be
On Set
thespians  who might help Evoke delicate nuanced performances form
those still a little 'green"
in the Business

,as the computers and technology got more sophisticated and inexpensive
 the actors
"Mind Sets" were recorded as well
so a certain
aspect of
audience with accoutrements for such
 not only watched the beautiful actors act
 but in a real sense to sense interface
 the ACTORS if only, for the one hour and a half  "running time".....

Parasol Pictures
was the only film company involved with Mind Computer Interface
or familiar with
the language of thought to mind movie making
for "Mind's Eye"inducement

the inducements ,the themes of course were all Neuronautic's based
film goers and
 members of "the choir"
more and evermore to the rewards of The New Way of Being ,Seeing ,Hearing Feeling and                        KNOWING
"             How to Be"


Adam had  read the original  1958 script...
and wondered how
modernized Indis O say
could make the story of an impoverished 19 year old high school drop out DANNY FISHER who wrastles" his way through street fights and "floozies" in New Orleans

"Jesus this a confusing movie...."
Adam said to Valerie turning off the video she had asked him to watch

"it's not about the movie it's about the song"Valerie said touching his thigh

"How is a 50 year old man supposed to play a teenager...
I'll look like an idiot.." Adam Parker said

"He won't be a teenager ..he will be a Fireman,a fireman who sings a lot...to support his father..
Danny Fisher  gets in fights with bad  Firemen who are in some syndicate that starts fires..some Jews or something ...who want insurance money for their real estate losses.."
"what?" Adam says house mouth agape
"I'm joking ,I'm joking "Valerie says quickly wondering if Adam would truly care either way" ...maybe we'll make them Arabs ...or who knows...you were born to play King Creole ...quite literally. Born for it," Valerie said slipping her hand further up Adam's Black slacks

recently a new method in wireless signal that could "safely" enter one's cranium  with pulsed sound and electromagnetic wavelength
that could Turn ON
and Drop Over
a consumer's 5 senses
whether or not
the consumer  of applied branding had been "apped" with bio sensors  
or particularly wanted the
induction of Alternative Reality

sound sight taste touch smell
sent via the various "cell-like" towers
to run in tandem
with the REM sleep of those in the four time zones between 2 am and 5 am
 through the cell like towers
for a 2 night only Event 
from energy and broadcast service companies
for a Price   and many favors
 later on


Adam Parker , had absolutely no idea he was being 'groomed" for Offices outside the offices of Neuronautics..
Adam's intentions were less ambitious, Adam wanted to "move away" from light comedy and action roles  to more serious roles

Only Gary Rainy and Valerie Prentiss knew
how serious
his Future role
could be
would be..
the consumers
had to get accustomed to thinking of Adam Parker not just as a Movie Star
famous for his roles as Leader
and A Man in Charge
but as an actual Person
an actual Man in Charge
a leader of people
and not just people  played by actors..

Valerie worked with Gary since Adam's childhood
on selected
just the right roles for Adam
at JUST the Right Time

but never
even they they expected IT
did they think
that they technology to introduce Adam
in a New Format
would be

this easy..


there were 4 scenarios ,four Brain Computer feeds that would be broadcast through the air.
when sleepers dream
4 different Lucid Dreams

In one variation the Consumer (the dreamer) is Drowning
The drowning man or woman
sees a big bright boat
but it is very far away
The dreamer sees the name of the boat..
and next sees the owner of the boat
"hey isn't he ,,,the actor? "swimming towards him or her

saving them
from drowning

Other scenarios in the induced lucid Dreams  concerned the dreamer in other types of distress and jeopardy
a mugging. a house fire. ....in all of these scenarios it is THE famous Adam Parker
who saves the day

not just on the silver screen but the silvery grey matter that can make drowning in a dream
feel just as
drowning in real life
just a little pull and
a lot of directed energy
from  just the 'right line"in time


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