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a wife for adam parker

59 separate marketing studies were done  to find the right "type" to be Mrs. Adam Parker

there were about 130 men and women in each test group .
each of the participants
was placed under a  helmet or hairnet filled to brimming  with electrodes and bio sensors that detected fMRI visual and emotional responses
the  attached electrodes  protruding  out of the participant's headset
 were linked  up to a computer and a computer program especially designed to measure a neural response induced in the "see-er" in relation to the continuously  shifting sets of faces which played for up to 2 seconds a piece  on a  large movie screen.

The wires coming out of the participant's hairnets gauged
equivocal reactions to the projected faces
which were comprised of  all matter of  appearance ,celebrity, ethnicity
these images of" face " intercepted by the participant's pupils
were next
and "rated" 
into a  "like" or "not so much"
 by the
   visual cortex
responsible for classifying the
captured "data"
procured  by  various  bio sensors that the computer would decipher using a program made specifically to interpret   brain activity toward the  visual stimuli

which was in this case the thousands of collected faces gathered by various facial recognition programs
that flashed across the large movie  screens
over and over
             into the participants eyes and
  occipital nerves
 and"mood centers" of the cerebellum
which hummed and popped  it's captured  brain signals
 into the computer
where the input would be correlated  by  pre-set algorithms
created for
the  facial feature
response tests.

the highest, sharpest neural spikes
corresponded  with  snippets from the facial recognition data
received by both the computer from the participants
mind scans 
and in no time
a photographic "remix'
 printed out  of
the perfect version of
"Candidate's Wife"
the perfect version of Adam parker's wife had no
distinct ethnic origin
yet" the face"

 had combined attributes that seemed to cross all ethnic boundaries
although no specific ethnic variant or feature "stood out"
from the digitized version of
the face
that would be
recreated  organically with new methodologies of cosmetic surgery
( neither Black nor White
Oriental or Irish
Spanish or Indian)
on a suitable woman "of choice"
would be endowed with the  "mash up"
of standard and not so standard  Beauty

not too
to seem too"out of reach"
to the future consumer
who needed to feel they might  be able to
both emulate and celebrate
the "me"
they might see
    in the next Mrs. Parker's Visage
the conglomerate of  

were   re creatable
"off screen"
as the "Faces" program
worked with a new computer program
 Nano Particle Based Cosmetic Surgery

the unbelievably small size of
nano particles and the  precise work these macro- scopic units  could be programmed to do
beneath not only the skin but  between the  very tissues, corpuscles ,bones and collagen of the human face is remarkable
the nano particles worked as
 Tiny sculptors, tiny scalpels
  to"either  cut away
or "fill in" working as  miniscule building blocks
to shape
areas once impossible to
augment with traditional plastic surgery
The nano particles once placed into and under one's skin
could be moved and realigned by an  external computer that took advantage of the \
magnetic capabilities of the polymer nano tubes 1/000th the size of a human hair 

 the computer template  linked to the nano clusters
could  shape one's face either radically or
 almost imperceptibly

 variations of form and facet  could be altered slightly
so one's face
 for instance could  "go  better with a certain pair of earrings", the color of one's blouse
in the case of the  future Mrs. Adam Parker
to "go with " whatever demographic
she might be courting

**** implied he could actually manipulate the nano to make Mrs Parker appear vaguelt Asian or more Nordic depending
what might better appeal to
"other market variables"
another market study was done
 concerning minor alterations
that might enhance or add versatility" to Mr. Parker's appeal
as Adam Parker's face and format
was also " studied by several marketing companies
who specialized in
 Visage Modulation through Electronic Assuage -ment
Visage Modulation Studies
on Adam Parker's
specific facial expressions ,eye movements ,postures and  gait
 to conclude how
Adam's physical characteristics
might be  tailored
by nano specific cosmetic  surgeries and reflexive  biosensors induced into the 
nervous system and synapses of Mr. .Parker's "Being"

according to Valerie prentis ,Adam's long time manager
so Adam might
            better "pitch his Stylings"
                       in "the right format" 
  to a target audience
Adam Parker was already used to the
Hearing and Seeing that came with the "apps"
 that provided The interface of" aural influence" that helped the than young actor stay on script and
the  interface of visual attenuation so he could more readily find his sight lines

The addition of a few more "chips" in his blood stream that might help him modify his
"Method" and his movement and countenance
were no big deal according to 'insiders"
as he was already 'apped" with
"a bit of  nano cosmo" so  his  face
 could be  "vaguelt"altered- toward a more cross selective audience-
 a slight shift of "Facial Format"
could make him
just  a bit more
 "Ethnically Ingratiating" to a "foreign audience"
as part of his contract
Adam Parker's  mentors and his agent
"insurance purposes"  already
employed remotely monitoring equipment (or "apps") to "steer and moderate" Adam Parker's  neural endeavors and perceptions
Adam's Inner Vision Enhancements
that already lent  his "Team" access to his 'tools of the trade"
including Adam  Parker's vision and hearing
but according to "word on high'
only Adam
would be imbued
with a new  scanning technology
        so his physical ,emotional and facial responses would
be more synchronized to whomever he was acting with
or speaking to
so Adam  could  properly and seamlessly anticipate and comport his body language  to best suit  his constituents  unconscious or subconscious  wants and needs
indicated by a sophisticated
  pupil recognition program
now  embedded  onto Adam's Occipital Nerve
 this new" app" expected to be the new "nerve center" of all of Adam's nuanced ,delicate facial responses
 now be streamlined in exacting precision
to express just the right emotion based upon
social expectations
continuity ,convergence and  perceived "connection"
as a new system of Countenance Control
has also been integrated
into the New Improved  Adam Parker
bio sensors
programmed to work  in harmony and synchronicity with the macro processors  sprinkled around Adam's facial nerves  and  frontal cortex
so Adam Parker  might better
in telegenic  reciprocity
to non vocal cues of  "co -consciousness"tandem

A relief for Adam and other actors who might follow suit
who  would have to do -no more guessing
or" emoting"
to be
 ..or seem to be
in complete synergy with "the world is but
a stage"

Now imbued with
facial and pupil scanning technology
perhaps  Adam
can now
navigate his way
through more complicated "roles"
that previously
may have been out of Adam's "range"

watched himself
as if from out side himself
"How Good at this semblance of Humanity  he Was"
                    how the new apps
helped him for instance   "just know"
this particular
CEO wanted not just a smile and a handshake
but a look and evoked response  that mirrored
the CEO's world wary half frown ,half halting grimace

 Adam Parker's
"apps"  automatically
stimulated Adam's" physiological apparatus"
to dilate ,flush and portend
what the Interfacing program saw fit to add or take away
Adam's repertoire of "Being"



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