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Compo Cola(2005)

"Let's step away from some  of the hysteria that comes to mind when OVER considering
those amongst us who are entirely UNRESOLVABLE...and looking out amongst you ,"Gary said ,placing his hand above his eyebrows as if his hand were a visor ,"And I see and more so SENSE that not a single one of you is THAT KIND",
 Gary said to the packed house of Neuronauts and would be Neuronauts-

as tonight's Lecture and the leanings of it's message  was and would be  towards the Un Affiliated friends and family that members were asked specifically to  bring a long "to the campfire"
who might be RIGHT for "the cause"

Gary asked the members to make a point of being extra solicitous and kind to the POTENTIALS. And he would do the same
- the sides of the rented Hall for "the event" were piled high with refreshments and Free Literature about"
 The Movement."
 large posters and print outs adorned the walls with evidence of their Good Works abroad  filled with pictures of "the gang" helping out victims of the recent hurricane off the coast of Florida...

"Who HERE! that is NOT a registered Neuronaut ,"Gary Yelled, "Secretly Feels they are Better Than Other People?"
again Gary made a visor like scanning of the audience, apparently looking for someone to raise their hand

"Now...WHO HERE .WHO IS A REGISTERED NEURONAUT feels they are BETTER than Other People? Gary shouted, not surprised to see all of the practicing Neuronauts place their arms high in the air."

Quickly Gary made a deliberately fumbling gesture with the mike ..."OF Course you THEY don't mean you ...New Comers. Of course they don't mean YOU..."

The registered Neuronauts laughed, some placing their hands no down lovingly or tugging-ly  around their potential "Joiners" shoulder..

"Ahhhh....But MAYBE he or she DOES...Maybe .JUST MAYBE those who have taken the courses and done their homework ARE in FACT
NOW Better than you...Shhhhhh.
Gary whispered ,loudly into the microphone making a "no-no" gesture with his index if to keep the members from.."admitting THEY had something their "Bring A-Longs" did not..

"Let's tonight not talk about ABBERANTS..but "LESS THANS"...I make absolutely NO racial quantifications in discerning WHO AMONGST "this species "is just "A Little Bit Lazier
A Little bit Duller.
Little bit Sadder. Stingier or just plain Dumber
than the rest of us..
and equally SOME are just a little  MORE athletic,a little more beautiful and a little bit smarter than

Neuronautics teaches us that old slogans  proclaiming ,"Everybody is a Winner"
is a falsehood. Look down or behind any major Boulevard and you will see not everyone IS WINNING at this Game of Life...are they?

but" The Man "as we used to call "The Motherment" and all that This" Motherment" Implies
"THE MAN"does not want us to acknowledge that We ,the People  Are not all -THE SAME_do they?

and THEY certainly do not want
that in fact CAN and WILL make
people of the Neuronautic Persuasion Winners...Players...Better

why do you think" The Motherment"criticizes us,hates Us...because they know ONLY Neuronautics
Literally...quite Scientifically Become The Next Phase of Human-
Level 8 Neuronauts
for instance can have whole conversations with their spouses provided their spouses are also Level 8s
without saying a single word..
If a Level 8 Neuronaut for instance forgot to pick up Milk on his drive home
He will literally HEAR his wife ..Emmiting,graphing upon his mind,"Honey,Pick up the Milk ."

Scary ...isn't it considering How More one might Become if One "gets With THE PROGRAM"

Neuronautics begins with a sit down ...and many 'sit downs" to follow with whom we call A Mentor..,"Gary says,"who asks the new member many, many things about themselves-sounds a lot like psychiatry doesn't it? Except a psychiatrist is meant to TRIST your PSYCHE not teach IT to EMIT more pronouncedly and profitably..Why do you think those in the so called "Psychiatric Community" despise Neuronautics
I will tell you why- BECAUSE NEURONAUTICS has exposed the TRICK in Psychia-Trick..
as being JUST one more deliberate hurdle
in Man's Strivings toward Self Evolution...
Why do you think we were placed Here.Upon this earth...but to Evolve ...
and That's The Last Thing
THEY want..

In the animal kingdom a of "like species" follow an ingrained sense of "ORDER"
 a sense of ORDER often means SELF SUPPLICATION  for the "Good of the Pack"...The Consciousness of the Pack KNOWS instinctively  WHO is predestined to "Lead the Pack" for it's members to survive. The natural instincts of the Pack for the Self preservation of The Pack Know WHO is to LEAD and who should trail behind the leader as a herd. The species has no problem acting in "form" even if their placement in the herd 's hierarchy is such that they are considered a 'weak link: that might trail behind and perhaps be attacked or this natural order of Life insists that The PACK as a WHOLE will GO ON EXISTING. There is no "me, me, me " in the animal it is considered a GOOD THING to sacrifice oneself if One is weak for the Group's Evolvement

so much of our Ego,that little voice in our heads that helps us Work and Play runs upon
FALSE INFORMATION that we are Better in some ways than our fellow man...
well...yes The Jones next door may have a nicer car or home BUT that is because Mr. JONES is a an ass-kisser at work
you inner voice might say "I am glad I am not like Mr Jones .I am satisfied I am what I am...
...and I for all of you who future Joiners who did not put up your hands when I asked if
You secretly did not think you were BETTER than anyone ..

Gary smiles and points to member in the audience, one who has yet to "join" who is smiling,
and repeats himself.
yes The Jones next door may have a nicer car or home BUT that is because Mr. JONES is a an ass-kisser at work
you inner voice might say "I am glad I am not like Mr Jones .I am satisfied I am what I am...

The "future Joiner" raises her hand and others follow suit.

"Now," Gary says "we're cooking aren't we..I am glad a little bit of honesty has entered the was beginning to stink of FALSE PROCLAMATIONS wasn't it?..
the little lies we tell DIS- COMPARE ourselves to OTHERS...who might"seem' to have qualities or things that we do not are just SOME of the hundreds if not thousands of RUINER THOUGHTS that run through our minds and thus collective conscious every day.

we raise ourselves UP by making endless QUANTIFICATIONS that put OTHERS down...
what if I told you
first ,of course you might ask yourself HOW DO I KNOW THIS.
how do I dare claim to know of those wicked thoughts that spin round and round in your noggins

Gary yells ,"Give me a "T"
and the crowd yells ,"T"
                              Gary yells ,"Give me an "E"and the crowd yells back --------"E"
give me an "L"
give me a ,"E:
give me a "P"
        give me an "A" gimme a "T" gimme an "H" gimme a  "Y"


when one sits with their Mentors.
and exposes their innermost self to another trained to not judge but Sterer another's mind away from
their own "CAUSEWAY" and into the "INWAY"
strange things begin to happen
Strange new neural connections form and begin conforming to the Electromagnetic Fields all around us.
as Wonderful as this sounds is also as Terrifying as this sounds
once one has entered The New Way
of speaking without words..
of having POWERS others do not
one must learn how to deal with the POWERS that have un-nested them from Commonalities

some ancient tribes used psychedelics...and cactus with qualities that induced mutual hallucinations..
to Bring forth a Communal Conscious.
we use
the Next Best Thing
the auditorium was especially hot
Gary made sure the spotlights
were not only upon him
but the crowd as well
no windows were allowed to be opened.
so that during the break ...All potential Joiners would be inclined
to drink and drink
the soda
and the  nano scaled Components within


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