Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cybernetics and Manipulative Response(Mimicking neural coding with short pulse electrical stimulation)

"what if you awoke one morning and saw on the ceiling a Silverfish five feet long...I dare say you might not want to wake up at all the subject of subjugation in Cybernetic Displacement is about inducing a fear so great in the individual that both physiological (endocrine systems and adrenaline systems )and psychological thresholds breakdown incrementally..
.....the very same visual and aural introduction of perception however can also be used to build up both systems .What if you woke up one morning and saw the most beautiful woman or man in the world...?..
would you follow this induced perception or the silverfish down  the so called "rabbit hole"...to entice a "respondent" to willingly give up their current notions of "reality" one must begin with proper bait...

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