Saturday, April 2, 2016

The war at home

the soldier was told to stand in front of a bull's eye
and allow the army to shoot at him
so the army could understand how fast a person shot by a troop
the soldier being a loyal patriot
stood and front of the bull's eye and gladly died for his country

another soldier who had heard of the other solder's sacrifice for his country
volunteered to also serve as Target for his country
the second soldier was asked to stand on a low stool while the other soldiers cut of his arms and legs so they could see how long it took a person to bleed out

a third soldier hearing about the second soldiers heroism
volunteered to have his eyes and ears poked out for the army
so the army could discover how his mind reacted to such trauma

next as the 3rd soldier slowly healed the army asked the soldier if he would allow doctors to cut the top of his skull off so a team of scientists could place electrodes on the surface of his brain so they might discover how to manipulate his sight and hearing and emotions in a manner they suspected  an enemy might ,the solder being a true patriot allowed his country to drive him first to madness and next to self injury to escape such madness..

the army was not quite satisfied with their data because all the testing had been done on servicemen who had been trained to give up aspects of their own self preservation for "the greater good" and decided they must understand how a wide range of civilians might tolerate pain and suffering

A new of weapon had been developed that could hurt people and entire populations remotely with frequency that could perplex another's senses and thinking
furthermore these weapons could cause severe pain and many health problem from afar.

Some of the civilians being made unwilling unknowing test subjects received pain via Direct Energy Weapons
and some civilians were targeted for Psychophysics Weapons testing
PW weapons ,often called Neuro Weapons came in many guises
-all of them outrageous
in much the same way one might think of a car ,air conditioning and computers in the 1850's
Psychophysics Weapons were created as Hand's Off Non Lethal Weapons
Acoustic Weapons  and Tensor Weapons are also called Active Denial Weapons because their very means of action -sending aural and visual data straight to someone's mind
was not only so out of the realm of what we think of a weapons as
but also serves as Active Denial because no decent ,respectable citizen could nor would believe -even if 'that stuff" -existed would something like this be used to actually destroy another 's sanity

 Some individuals targeted as Maruta by their country were lucky enough to get a taste of both Direct Energy Weapons to cause movement disorders,burns,neurological and psychological problem and Neuro Weapons  both  for the sake of their country's security ,liberty and safety.

To make sure the Targeted Individuals did not speak too much or the wrong way about their use as objects
many people were asked to  join the fight for freedom
by intimidating the test subjects into silence.(breaking into their homes,smashing their cars,killing their pets,closing their bank accounts ,participating in noise campaigns ,public glaring and all type of staged street theater "events"
 The Targeted Individuals who received Electronic Harassment meant to  subvert their senses with silent sound were intimidated and scared into submission both with acoustic weapons ,neuro weapons and "gangstalking /gaslight"protocol .

How grateful these civilians should have felt  you might think giving an arm
eye and ear for their country
and you would not be alone in these sentiments
Many of these civilians were told they had better realize that THIS was a military operation and therefore a duty.
But this was not as true as it might have seemed to many who indeed might have felt that "for the good" of their country -I will take this
that the main use of these weapons was NOT for OVER THERE but OVER HERE all along.
(every country developed and otherwise has and has had for same time the very same weapons and the very same protocol of what is known as gangstalking)
A Targeted Individual is forced to wake up that it is "a small world after all" in a rather terrifying way.
Issues of social control are not brought up very much by the mainstream media whose main purpose is social control
and perception management
During and before the Nixon era  and before much consideration was given to "The War at Home"
concerning perceived or real  dissidents being taken as martyr.
Never again  did the administrators want  a public  to see and  therefore feel for a protester being injured by law enforcement of any kind and steps were taken to find new ways to stop both public gatherings and public support that could be denied .
It was a high priority in the weapons industry that "Soft Kill" weapons be devised  and 'unseen weapons' such as acoustics and microwavesbe developed  so no   protester or advocate or "radical" became martyr .
An invisible punch
cannot be caught on camera.
Unseen and covert (and therefore not allowed to be discussed by the press) that alter mood ,body,mind mysteriously
except to the weapons manufacturers ,law enforcement ,military ,intelligence agencies  who have spent billions creating such means 

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