Monday, April 18, 2016

hyper saturation and minimization -Hollywood as The Office of Interior Intent's obfuscation machine

ADRIEN BODIE,who always used a landline called DIMITRI SARNOFF his go to guy for "Take Out".
DIMITRY is asked to go to CHARLENE SHEEN's apartment and spike some of CHARLENE's edibles,potables and beauty product's with Merge Nano Bio Neural Prosthetics.
BODIE ,concerned that CHARLENE has empathy rather than disgust for the POWs branded with bio tech and the synthetic telepathy such tech allows on these people BODIE decides Charlene is to be tagged ' with the same bio weapons (Neural Prosthetics) so the Office of Interior Intent can read CHARLENE's Interior Intent from the inside out
That evening
in CHARLENE'S movie set take on what a person might afford in terms of real estate on less than 32,000 a year we see CHARLENE drink a cup of Diet Compo Cola and a yogurt we had seen in the previous scene DIMITRY pinhole than dose with a peppering of Merge Nano Bio from a small vial
we ZOOM in on the movie actress like pretty we expect from a go getter girl power "agency" recruit 's golden locks of hair ,past the 2 inches of skull bone with CGI effects of Merge Nano Bio latching upon CHARLENE'S dendrite ,neurons and neural tissue .
We nexy CUT to OVER THE SHOULDER SHOT of a movie actor like handsome but not too handsome as to play a lead
AGENT watching CHARLENE's dream play out on the computer screen thanks to the bio weapon.
.CHARLENE is dreaming of ADRIEN BODY and herself in a Mind's Eye fashion being "intimate"
The AGENT sticks his hand down his pants
because that is what people do in movies
we see STUDENTS and CLOSE SHOT on CHARLENE SHEEN wearing her hair in a more becoming fashion than she previously had .
we see BODIE smile at her and next CHARLENE fumble with her pen.
the presentation of Advanced Technologies one never ,ever sees in the news or in magazines
by assocaition with the medium of film itself be further ingrained upon the public as -
"STUFF" that happens only in a film
now taken care of
CUT to
for remedial explanation of how the bio weapon deciphers a person poisoned with Neural Prosthetic thoughts and perceptions with the victim of the attack not necessarily being aware of this breach
perhaps the actor playing SCIENTIST/ PONTIFICATOR will explain that the tech also allows for feedback based upon decoded thought in real time
what he might call a Brain Computer Interface
of course IF such developments were understood by the public
EXCEPT as science fiction thriller hyper -saturation
the feedback could not be used as
the simulated insanity
not a shred of Classified Information -of course will be presented to the movie goer by the SCIENTIST /PONTIFICATOR
as the specifics of bio synchronous neuro weapon are NOT ALLOWED to be known to the public
about the specifics of Brain because such research that literally can bypasses cognition ,emotion and perception is "special' and pertains to National Defense ...the fact that this technology is primarily ONLY used upon it's own citizens as weapon as well as private big data firms "dummied up" as research centers concerning 'potential"medical use is as secret as these cruel and bizarre weapons being used for any reason whatsoever -as 'Mind Mining"technology by commercial "players" in this burgeoning field of Intellectual Property theft and secret gauged response to a goldmine of accessible stimuli (broadcast Tv)as to understand physiological ,conscious and subconscious thought to the millisecond pre and post neural firing.

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