Monday, April 18, 2016

CHARLENE sat in the quad after Adrien Bodie's lecture on personality profiling a 8th Floor Social Media page explaining the need to partner with many big data collection "groups" to sell demographic based observations
Again BODIE brought up the Real time social media page of THADDEUS GARCON who had begun explaining in rather much detain how what he called a "Evil Pen Power " might use the social media layout and posts to send secret messages to other'Evil Do-ers" with the use of duel meaning in JPEGS ,videos and what he called "peep speak" .Some of the methods THADDEUS GARCON wrote about were delusory involving the use of every 5th or 6th letter in a sEntenceE t cay sOmethingG in plain sight to what THAD referred to as DAS WATCHERS others Much morE Geeelaborate examples concerning videos and images. Images with hidden messages (words ,numbers ,adresses ) that could once again could be used to steer an Evil Pen Power to another image to "connect the dots"
CHARLENE (raising her hand asking BODIE)
"Did Thaddeus learn these techniques at The Office of Interior Intent ?
BODIE (to Charlene ) No actually ...the things he writes are innocuous ,,something anyone with a half a mind in any group or cell might tinker with to communicate information...after next just picking up a prepaid phone ..the point is that people are aware he has worked at The Office of Interior Intent and he is going out of his way to malign the agency
CHARLENE - Is he not just screaming FIRE instead of RAPE in a dark alley..I mean you admit HE IS being tortured with Voice to Skull and Microwave Weapons ..he has been nearly destroyed by involuntary initiated numerous hospitalizations..he is nearly incapacitated by side effects of the microwave weapons ..Dystonia keeps him prone for days ...he can no longer function at the most basic tasks..he can no work a job..maintain relationships because of the targeting..nor seek justice..have you ever typed in the words congress. Or senate or justice department and the word targeted individuals ..there is nothing..the Office of Interior Intent spent how many man hours filling the net with link after link inferring TIs are crazy..and how many man hours creating faux TIs ,faux sites meant to cement this fact if anyone not targeted might type in the word Targeted Individual ..what does one see on the first 5 pages . Not one article in any mainstream media magazine ,news paper CNN ,MSNBC...nothing...If you ask me THIS lack of ANYTHING of what we think of as credence is suspicious..overkill ..almost punctuates the media black out if nothing else...What would you do if you were THADDEUS ...What was he writing before he got Targeted? You say he was fired for writing a letter to actress Kimmie Baker explaining to her that she was not crazy ..this was after Kimmie had a severe reaction to neuroleptics ..THADDEUS understood she had no business taking these dangerous meds that made her I remember seeing the poor actress ..before and after ..her weight ballooned ,her skin turned yellow and she was ...
BODIE- These weapons though are called covert weapons because they work best to discredit and psychologcally destroy another best if they are out of the public's reach
CHARLENE- But certainly someone being tortured with these weapons does not care very much if these weapons are covert...I genuinely believe that would be in fact the LAST THING they might care about but in fact want to expose..I believe THAT is the reason THADDEUS
is writing his 'Comic Book Code Classes online send up some type of flare..hope that some scientist ,some senator ,some someone might actually help him ..
BODIE - I think THADEUS more than most of the human subject we just "pick up" for research understands better than most why regardless of the weapons being used on him hurting him that -America First means America First
CHARLENE-What America exists to a person being tortured by their own nation .Should a man being tortured by his own country be expected to hide the abuse ?
BODIE- Of course they should ..A Targeted Individual should think of themselves first and formost as a needed sacrifice to research and develop these weapons so we best can understand how the enemy might use these weapons and how to use them efficiently and undetectably on home grown agitators .
CHARLENE wanted to say "That the Office of Interior intent home grew these would be agitators by making humans biological organisms
and next she wanted to say that if she were attacked with these weapons understanding that nobody knew about outside the beltway (and all that THAT meant these days ) you bet she like THADDEUS GARCON would do say and write anything she could think of to at least try to get someone
someone like her
IN A POSITION to do something to act...

Or maybe she thought THADDEUS just wanted to be finished off.
She wouldn't blame him
She knew what these weapons did

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