Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Layla 's sense of incredibiltiy of being spoken to by this man was next replaced next by horror seeing whom she only refered to as The Baby Sitter's boyfriend step out of a jeep and make his way to trailer number three
The Large Man watched Layla watch the man
"Who are you people ..who are you monsters ,"Layla yelled,smacking the Large Man in the face
The Large Man smiled and held onto her wrist hard
'I suppose who we are is what people often refer to as THEY or THEM...surely in few weeks Denny will be speaking of rather little else ..THEY and THEM and for your sake Mrs. Pace and your son's sake i suggest you begin thinking of us and all this the same way..
But keep in mind THIS being done by THEM I will not be spoken about concerning anything going on HERE right now or this THEY Denny will start talking about communing with him - might just decide to exonerate Denny from the program and wouldn't it be a shame for a child so young to be "exonerated " so young"
"That man ,that man who just got out of the car made my son what he is "
"So you saw THIS MAN ! as well Mrs Pace..well why didn't you say so dear" The Lage Man said giving Layla a gentle pat on the back...please ,please forgive me Mrs.Pace for being so cold and harsh before I didn't realize you knew the THIS MAN..
The Large man sat down at the card table ,his demeanor now warm and pleasant For a moment Layla thought she imagined the tone and the threats only moments before.Layla stood at the window waiting for the person she of thought of only as the Babysitter's Boyfriend to return to his Jeep ,the person The Large Man was inferring had somehow taken the pressure off both of them .The Babysitter's Boyfriend he called The This Man was not anything ,not anyone cruel or criminal but held with some type of reverence ,in fact The Large Man seemed to want Layla to confer was some type of pal of the both of them that had cleared the air in the room ,placed them on equal footing . Renamed ,reimagined - as if The Large Man had rechristened The Babysitter's Boyfriend as someone mythical The Babysitter's Boyfriend she suspected for sometime suspected has used Denny causing him literally overnight to retreat from the world into his own mind,
"Of course everyone doesn't call The THIS MAN the THIS MAN ..but I find The THIS MAN model a very good place to start..for this GREY area ..fifty to one ALIEN to you in your more than terrestrial state " The Large Man said
Layla felt as if she was in some theater production and forgot her lines.
As if to help her change course the Large Man 's buoyancy expanded to such sunny ,friendly bounds that Layla in spite of herself felt she should accept the Large Man's about face wholeheartedly not just for the sake of Denny but because it seemed somehow right to follow the man's cue.
"whew," The Large Man said pulling out the chair kindly telling Layla to "sit a spell " and "I was worried that you didn't know THIS MAN . and how important the THIS MAN model of perceiving genuinely was and will be to The New Way..and of course Denny's way of looking at the New World Sorter of things ..and here I was Mrs. pace thinking we were gonna to have to get all serious ...A friend of the THIS MAN is a freind of mine.
Layla took a seat across from the Large Man who was now all smiles ,all appeasement ,his very features that had previously seemed so tight now were now relaxed and inviting ,the Large Man almost seemed handsome .
Layla had no idea what the Large Man was talking about
but sensed that she didn't have to ,that The Large Man did not need her to or want her to ..that it was only her job to appreciate the change of tone he offered her and in spite of her mind not wanting to Layla's body could not help but be grateful for the sudden decrease in stress.
" Would you like some Water Mrs.Pace? Or do you need some fresh air? Some wine? Some unthoughtful of me not to ask you earlier"
"How odd that you saw the THIS MAN in the light of day Mrs. Pace .Do you know Mrs. Pace I thought I sensed ..Remote Viewing style ...that you had a certain psychic quality to you when I first met you...Yes. ,,you and Denny Pace give off an Indigo like aura...Indio children ..are you familar with the term?"

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