Monday, April 4, 2016

Deny Pace 11.5

hence we are being asked to understand place of SCENE
introduced minutes ago
is where we are at now
We have been introduced to LAYLA PACE
and THE LARGE MAN named Edwin
The lighting in the SCENE indicates time of day established in the scene proceeding the fade in or cut to this scene
If we  film and thus preset. Scene -of - empty trailer taken from any distance CLOSE MEDIUM SHOT OVERHEAD
so long as the scenery and lighting are the same

A screenwriter or computer algorithm created to  act as screenwriter / story teller by presentingEMPTY TRAILER      would be asking us to assume the characters are else where

we might have been asked to feel for the character or be invested in the plot

but more likely something innate in our minds  attuned to  expectation and  linear aspects of time

 and natural seeks familiarity ..seeks the FIGUREs of who or what we have just seen or heard  seconds earlier on the screen

this appeals to primal sections of the human mind  that needed  to always be on the look out
when hunting ,gathering ,sleeping

when a TV is on and one watches the screen for more than 30 seconds
One's brain waves alter to a mode of high alert
Than soon dip to entrancement
much like one might stare at light hitting a still pool of water
shine and flicker and pattern

But one soon looks away from  the pond and and  alterations of diffused light
but than again the pond is not being maneuvered to on off on off on off pixel
and minute but perceptible pulse

Don't look away
Don't look away
Something is happening
Never mind the plot or music or tits and ass or terror

What matters is what is behind the story
The screen itself
The cathode ray
Now digit this digit that on off start stop pixel here pixel there

Denny Pace looked away from the world except in patterns and shiny fractals
Because the world had
frightened his mind into recoil

On purpose

If the image of trailer INT TRaILER DAY or NIGhT is static for too long our response is discomfort and irritation


Just in time we might hear a door open

Ahhhhhh a millasecond or less of relief
And from what!

If the door is the trailer door  CREAK
or it the SOUND is presented to make us think DOOR
we are all but forced to think of the previous scene's  point

Who has taught us to think this way
Or rather taken advantage of our way of being able to perceive the world
In fragments and shots .In bits  and pieces

Certainly a book does not ask us  to make short hand of OVER the SHOUlDER point of view
Indicating one person  we are to identify as this or that person is speaking to another
Nobody rushes out to buy a screenplay to read
Yet we watch little pieces of cobbled together sound and image meant to lead us into the most baseline state of thought and sway..

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