Friday, April 15, 2016


"it's telling lies ,"Denny Pace said,"but telling lies for good reason"
Denny said to nobody that Patrick or Kate could see.
Patrick knew about the head's up vision that the "apps' allowed his son to see this way
and wanted to ask Denny what the Tele-Presence was showing him
but maybe ,Patrick Pace thought that was what Denny was trying to 'get him' to ask,it was just the sort of thing his ex-wife ,Denny's mother would do with second sight.
Denny was showing off was what he was doing and Patrick knew damn well denny was supposed to practicing NOT letting it show. Denny began to laugh at
or laugh with whatever his Operating Tele-Presence was forcing him to see and Patrick slapped his leg and began to say something but stopped himself .
Patrick was always hypercritical of how his voice sounded on tape and really what was Denny but a souped up tape recorder now that the biotech had bonded to his neural tissue.
Denny looked at Patrick and held up a drawing of "the flag' upside down and on fire.
'Catching fire with fire " Denny said looking at Patrick non blinking and steady.
Patrick, aware that "the apps" allowed Denny's Operating Tele -Presence to see whatever Denny did could not help but wonder what type of expression he was 'supposed 'to have on his face in response.
Were the OTs referring to him being caught?
Were the OTs deliberately screwing with him through Denny.
Through his son he had CAUGHT for Neuronautic's special use as human rag doll?
Patrick understood that subjects who were "app-ed' were not suppose to just repeat whatever they heard an Operating -Tele-Presence "say" to their auditory cortex but process whatever thoughts or words were siphoned through them .
Of course,thought Patrick , Denny was screwing things up ,even with Level 7 OTs in his brain .
Of course Denny couldn't manage this simple task.
"Go to hell Patrick ," Denny said looking him up and down .
"What you say to me ," Patrick said
"Tru Chrisite is gonna call in 30 seconds and tell you to stop acting like you're some camera shy little starlet trying to decidie how you look in the moonlight "
The phone rang and Tru Christie told Denny -Voice to Skull -that Denny was to put one hand over his eye than fold to his hand as if a telescope and move CLOSE UP style on his father .
Denny held the pose watching his Father's adam 's apple gulp at the words Denny's Tru Christie was saying to him .
"Tru ... I think Denny isn't feeling well.I think it might be a good idea to take him back to his mother's "
Tru Christie  told Patrick "Denny is doing just fine fact I'm looking at a small screen right now that monitors his temperature and pulse...I'm also noticing that your face is beat red...Maybe everyone can do with a little ..
" ice cream " Denny yelled before Patrick heard the  same words out of Tr

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