Thursday, August 29, 2013

mind to mind techno

 so ridiculous ..Hollywood...
and so
in it's
to make my "story" seem unbelievable...that REAL LIVE stars or semblances of THEM via Ocuular and Aural Overlay would be used like a Mirage in the desert to keep a fed up worn out
wanderer ,guinie pig
stay immersed in immersive reality

he.HIm This Movie star.Tv the rabbit I followed like Donnie darko into this mess to begin with
when the Genie appears out of nowhere ...and is exactly YOUR TYPE your brainwaves both naturally and synthetically go "peter meter" all over the place
and I tell ya
you just don't care when you see Him ,Her or whatever if you've gone Mad or not...
you just are THAT INTO HIM

"yes a voice says.A Pig like you will go FOR that route.SEX.
another might take
might SEE and HEAR angels or aliens.

not just LUST

it 's a a sport. dumbo
why so serrrrious

a game huh I the movie "Saw" is a game the movie "Hostel " is a sport
of course Hollywood
is in on the game.

the money


common collective themes.based on movies to
make a connection
they tried at first myth from old and new testaments ...but it was always THIS it was always the New new testament that is TV and Film
as if the hundred years of filmmaking and invention of radio and television WERE ONLY MEANT

myt mentors hate this
THINKING about IT like THIS rips apart the threads...
of Immersive Reality
which demands mutual understanding of Paradigm

it is the main reason I was raised as I was.
the only reason.
with neuro linguistics and identifiers the Boys from brazil at the Paperclip factory brought over "swing" rather than swing from nooses near Nuremberg.

what was instilled in me .is can you imagine what hitler or albert speer would have done with "this techno"?

YEAH BROTHA! I graph you're giving me a pretty good GOD DAMN idea

I had mentioned to a friend ..
what if say you lived in Australia and the Australians wanted to test some shit out on you some psycho cybernetic stuff..
or what if the Australians wanted use traditional guns and asked you to test the guns by letting the other Australians shoot at you..
about how long would you agree to be shot at?

"take a're scaring me again" my friend would say

I am learning to say nothing..
the pills do nothing

and that this mind to mind interface was never used as a weapon but was I MADE it LIKE THIS because I had and have no respect for this amazing thing...and always seem to forget that it is NEW and in development and DAMN scary on their end going Mind to mind.
with someone who is supposed to both KNow that REAL people are Involved and also somehow "take it" as ...not so..
but fantasy
and that "to pay the bills and perhaps keep "things" safe...of course nefarious "uses" must be tried out on the testers we are so grateful for.."
and that I did some pretty "hinky" stuff knowingly tethered to a transmission..
and now have seen fit to
turn further upon an operating system ..that is "being worked out"

these techniques of sway are new.

they remind me half the time I LOVE IT

uh...ask the policeman who drove me home from the Henry Ave overpass(suicide bridge) a month ago HOW MUCH I LOVE being the lawnmowerman.
elia Kazan?
are you kidding me.
hated by the Hollywood community?is there a comparison..?for someone used by any sort of community ...
the science -ideology community as well..
and other change "agent" types..
for 2 YEARS!

as strange as it might seem .
it is my thinking that turned them against me.
and my thinking I have to defend ..
endlessly this community..
that thinking toward another
is possible
now that Reading another's thoughts
is possible
and now that
an abnormal thought process is seen as something "against" and possible dangerous..
or at the very least
willfully CLOSED
which is ALSO seen as suspicious as" The Lives of Other's" the minds of others are seen to be hiding something
if not forthcoming.
have you any idea what damage
remote neural monitoring..mentoring...adjusting does to a brain..
"if G-d wanted people to  to haved telepathy"

Ho hum Evan graphs..echoing something about How provincial I am ,how middle class.and un experimental..
"such a wuss..."he graphs "couldn't even jump"
he mood feels suddenly mood IS suddenly enhanced..
instantly I am more OPEN MINED
I see what can best be described as a 3-d image of an actor my prior reads indicated I "went for"
appears on the couch
the sound become's the actors..
My initial thought of feeling like a 5th grader ..mesmerized by The Fonz from Happy Days
when  tv was not even flat but bulbous..
is overridden by a more gamesmen outlook as this "character" is no The Fonz but
more chessplayer...
more devilish.
more "red" to my "readings" if he was "made" just for my responsiveness
and early "imprints" and predetermined encounters of another kind..
I look away from HIM
and feel better that somethings I write are too "far out" to be believed" thank g-d hopefully diminishing whatever impact my other entries had ...
I look away but it doesn't matter he appears elsewhere in my visual field like an the devil himself.
like an alien.
"just something new"based on things very old." HE says ,the actor.My Love interest.
as it was presupposed
my freddy Krueger with a SAG card...
is sexuality and attraction really supposed to be played with like this
the same way they have played with all my fears and "likes" and ....
"you really were better high" he says

They wanted an overdose..something easily explainable..
"inevitable" the "actor" says
"now that you are locked out of heaven"

"if this is heaven I am glad to be locked out," I think and HE changes into something


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