Thursday, August 29, 2013

poster boy for modern eugenics /Incident at Bus Stop

  • I panic sometimes..I write in fear. since my return from Los 2012..people ask me what happened there..what REALLY happened there...for they know I genuinely wanted to relocate "for the sun" ..I sometimes would say "if I told you I might have to kill you.." but know instead it would be me kills you softly and loudly art ..some dumb video I made I'd been told made me a "tag- gable" man

  • SOMETHING shows now in my eyes..or doesn't show..something was given ..something that takes much as IT puts in...I don't talk about IT out loud..I began writing about IT to Keep me safe but have probably done the opposite. One does not know what to do when one has been captured by something that seems supernatural...and is meant to..
  • lately my research...has lead me to recognizable Corporations that were invited to participate in "A Whole New World"..major motion picture studios amongst them..whose job if one thinks about it is already to TEACH us "How to Be" and think and to induce us to "escape" to Realities not our's we might sit for hours in if in a trance..perhaps TV is already a way of crowd was writing things like that -about actors not in the "way' it was OK . Perez Hilton  mustaches on whomever was "big " in 2009  Perez Hilton was attempted ''to make small ...instead I focused on some theories I had  about the acting  those who had raised me were actors..I wrote some pieces I "self published" or whatever one calls posting online ..  that there was and is something sociopathic about  'the craft of acting" to mimic facial countenance,gesture ,inflection...etc of another human being down to a pivotal glance or tearing of the eye ..that called for as much    .. These digressions and also some odd remembrances concerning peculiar manner in which I was raised by a series of foster parents in the acting profession who introduced me to CUES and ASSOCIATIONS based on what I had learned some people called neuro linguistic "stylized parenting"  and Trauma based abuse to SET these CUES so one could be "brought back to black ..or red or  a polla dot dress your foster mother wore  on an eveing your foster fathe rripped it and her underclothing off in front of you when your were 7 years old...simply so  the first of mant mANy "---walk ins who would insinuate themselves into your life in your late 20's  could make your mind think in black and white ...(polka dots aside...) i'm just saying ..a lot of reasons you >I mean I responded to certain people (triggers /cuesseemed   to suddenly the reason you were daft enuf to be lured back to L.A. to begin with... back inVan Nuys  Ca in the Summer of 2011 that got me in trouble,drugged ,subsequently arrested ,jailed and hospitalized..and "tagged" as if as"one of them"(as I met face to face many part of The Project..called by me "the process" in my writings or re-education ..If one has read "small Life Video and Wallhangings (my other blog) or the disjointed "LA REFERNTIAL" written whilst "being "re-educated or driven to Altered States by what I chose to call "Mandlers") stated "I was asking for IT"..rereading my entries thought in 2011 it was more as if "I saw it coming" ..
  • Saw it coming BEFORE The Sound and Vision so much that I feel vaguely safe stating perhaps it is and was "all a warning" from a True New Reality rather than the Trillion or so Dollar business really no one except "inside innovators" know is possible and not 20 years away but Right Here Right Now...The Implications of what appears to be True the hands of people invested in keeping mind augment technology "to themselves"in it's wonderment has been worth writing most every word I have written in the state of a fear I cannot explain

  • come breezing into OUR city putting down actors ...those odd little pictures..
    AFTER our initial brush with you in 94'...reiterating the "misunderstanding" ...
    writing about Human Trafficking and Human testing...what did you think was going to happen...
    you ask Us who do we think we are
    the question  is who do YOU think you are?

    Times have changed I "graph" to my mentors..that there is more information ...that they just can't "get away" with doing whatever shit they want to another person..

    Evan responds that ever since the world began people have been doing whatever shit they wanted on another person...especially a person of so little USE like little little else to offer the world...oh ,he says how I would love to post some of your oppositional neural reads...your pathological pre neural firings're the poster boy for the reason there SHOULD BE things like thought police..and remote neural monitoring..

    And "Parasol Pictures" is the poster boy for Modern Eugenics through Brain mapping technology I graph back

    Human Scum will always be against being identified as human scum,Evan interfaces,and use any argument possible to be able to give some type of rational why they should be allowed to pollute
    the masses..we will re -educate you Dumbo with tools to help you find your way in The New Way-2011

    We’re interested in the many ways computer interfaces can span the digital and tangible worlds, giving rise to qualitatively new experiences. Our agenda takes advantage of technologies that are relatively new in the commercial world, and whose interactions have not yet been fully explored. Our researchers invent new technologies for sensing touch and pose, as well as creating new sensory experiences such as haptic illusions.

          Our unique investigations into consumer behavior often take the form of field experiments . More recent projects have begun to shift to the intersection of technology (particularly mobile) and consumer behavior. We also study other aspects of the media consumption experience. Our goals are to, test new conditioning models,  social consciousness using Advanced  Neuro Technologies both wearable and insertive.

           Our research competency in  human computer interface  is especially helpful for those who have not been helped with traditional psyche or neurological interventions . Our medical /psychological  base research we hope will provide diverse target applications eventually ,using the neural data acquired for consumer uses  like gaming and str8 to cortex TV.As our medical research on the lucky few privileged to participate in experimental A.I. and BCI rendition not only help themselves but will help Proxy Cyber create  real-time algorithms for the game studios and movie studios, achieving speed and directability in physical simulation, spanning visual styles from photorealistic to artistic, and blurring the boundaries between computer graphics and biological  science.



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