Monday, August 26, 2013

The 5th Sense (Touch)-Actuated Pressure and Direct Neural Pornography

Haptic comes from the Greek verb, meaning to contact or touch.  Haptic technology refers to the science of touch in real and virtual environments. Haptic sensations are created in consumer devices by actuators, or motors, which create a vibration. AIREAL, a product currently in development at Disney Research Pittsburgh, is a new scalable haptic technology that enables users to feel (in their physical world) virtual 3-D objects and receive haptic feedback on gestures performed in free space. To create this augmented reality experience, the device combines interactive computer graphics with coordinated bursts of tactile simulated pressure -Saddik, 2011)

Potential applications of haptic technology include gaming, , tele-operation ,rehabilitation .Although the subject of what this can mean not simply for “traditional media “interface” in the industry of film and television there is a cogent and co mingled interest in the technology by those in the Adult Entertainment Industry which sees billions in wireless virtual 5 sense pornography  applications.the sense of touch and intimacy is compatible with current methodologies of nano particle enhanced co-"sponsored" person to person or person to computer(Brain Computer Interface and Artificial Intelligence advancements currently being tested on a cross section of the population) ...and word has it that it is of special  interest to agencies who might be sent away on long voyages beyond our atmosphere.(astronauts) who might need "a bit of touch" from "home"to remain both sane and focused..-

AIREAL is designed to use a vortex, a ring of air that can travel large distances while keeping its shape and speed. When the vortex hits a user’s skin, the low pressure system inside a vortex collapses and imparts a force the user can feel.  The actuated flexible nozzle allows a vortex to be precisely delivered to any location in 3D space.
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