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Emory.Compo Cola . Market Study .Day 17

the nano particles in the Compo Cola(on sale at the PayRite on Charles Avenue) one millionth or so the size of a single  carbonated "bubble"in the soda that slid down Emory's throat into his esophagus into Emory's 11 year old stomach joining the 3 or so McNuggets,20 or so Skittles to begin the arduous task of being broken down in what would have to pass for nutrition for the day and often did for many in the 30 block radius around the only supermarket  "in this neck of "the hood" that Compo Cola had decided was a notable and "subjectable" demographic for a widescale Brain Mapping exercise for Both Comp Cola's marketing division (and various other agencies with it's own interests in   Cyber Proxy's "brain encoding " via nano findings) Compo Cola however was the primary sponsor of this specific "Pop-rative " concerning "what was on the mind and in the mind of the consumer of this particular brand of soft drink.Compo Cola's sales were down especially amongst the 7 to 12 year old market that Comp Cola sought especially in the inner city neighborhoods ,which was Compo's target audience.

A contact at Proxy Cy who had discovered from previous brain mapping techniques which certain agencies had begun outsourcing to various private agencies for the mutual benefit of practicing these advanced "grid" "off the grid" Advanced technologies by selectively parceling out the "experiemental " mind reading equipment to help all concerned .For rather obvious reasons, the induction of nano chips into unknowing ,unconsenting persons was to be "on the down low" and discretion was of utmost importance if Compo Cola agreed to both partially finance and participate in this "exciting new means " of neural collection perhaps 15 years ahead of it's time,as once a 'consumer" drank the specially doused soft drinks Proxy Cy offered free of charge an "in house"Neural Encoding Team of specialist in the field ( specifically Science-ideology minded Neuronautics schooled "mentors" ) Proxy Cy swayed relunctant stockholders at Compo Cola by mentioning that many Tv and Hollywood studios were also privy to ProxyCy's Mind Augment Systems well in advance of the "masses" foreknowledge that Immersive Reality techniques that could completely commandeer another's 5 senses by nano particle "over ride" was already here for those brave enough to "jump in" to the "grey area" of the New Way of  remote "covert" Brain Computer Interface and the gentle persuasive techniques of Mind Augment on "subjects" who are really Urban Astronauts ,Yes pioneers of these adventures in modern least those who drank the soda pop that contained "the golden ticket",the "spiked"cans of soft drink for this privatized study of specific "types" of thought process which in the near future would help not only Compo Cola more selectively present their product but help other interested parties also interested in "exactly what was on one's mind" at any given time.

The millions of nano particles competed with the Mcnuggets and Skittles for the bile and peptic acids whose job was to break the food and other injected substances such as dust and debris into a 'format" that would  help the system thrive by either disposing of the injeted material or incorporating it as vital nutrients to sustain life.The Mcnuggets and Skittles moved with the nano particles through the hollows of the digestive tract into the small intestine,,the salbutanol and sulphate coated nano particle masked the intentions of their usefulness to the system ,the positive surface charge and inotropic gelatin of it's chitsan based polymers confusing the mucosal epithelian membranes into perceiving the particles as vital nutrients* to be absorbed and dispersed through Emory's bloodstream,with the help of a now initiated "remote" bio sensor that steered the swarm of particles toward Emory's blood brain barrier,where the nano temporarily stalled ,as the blood- brain barrier was purposely “dubious” of intrusion of any sort but “no worries” as the “camouflaged” nano was designed to trick the gatekeeping function into” safe passage “ although the nano particles were somewhat larger (as they contained 250 components for seamless wireless communication) than the white blood cell they were patterned to be taken for ,the minor misunderstanding of their form and function ,as usual somewhat stalling the “chips” "Fantastic Voyage"
that would soon link Emory to a person-ed or non- person-ed interface with another...

"I do not like to go home,” Emory thought to himself and now ,unbeknownst to him ,to his Neuralist ,Tabitha Sorkin,Emory's thoughts traveled from his "imserts" to a keyed up cell tower that was located atop a spiral a the Baptist Church 2 miles from his home .I like walking ,walking is more my home ,the sidewalk is mine ,more than my house,my house is someone else's .I can't wait to grow up and have my own house.

Tabitha rather liked Emory's thought patterns,although she was taken back by his tendency to think of himself in a rather literary matter.
His thoughts read more like a book than a typical child's. Emory's  ,rather literary ,rather self referential thoughts were now encoded  enough that his brain waves and frequencies ,that bounced off the cell tower and up to some satellite and
as if by magic ,into her headset fitted with biosensors .
The headset ,she wore sent Emory's decoded neural patterns to Tabitha intraneurallly (so she could sense Emory's temporal “temperature,as the direct neural interface with Emory's temporal lobe ,boosted the "telepathy" like link between Host and Neuralist .Tabitha,Emory's Neuralist ,now seamlessly synched to the "Language "of Emory's inner voice ,that played in Tabitha's ear piece.,The “sound” ,the verbage of Emory's interior monlogue was based on various voice recognition programs that also went through the cell tower ,satellite and so called “super computer.
.The "super computer" that now could decipher a mind's cadence and colloquials in 4 days.,also served the purpose of engaging the “subject” in "unmanned" interface during “off hours”
I will have e a house that is not too big ,but big enough to house all the other kids who don't like going home.There will be no adults in the house .Just kids.

Tabitha felt for Emory.She had gaged and listened in on his home life and would not want go home either.,But she was confused ,the supercomputer encoded but could not really establish a linear “backstory” of events,that's what a Neuralist was for...Tabitha thought of Emory's previous thought.
Emory had just thought that this house he will buy when he is older, to presumably escape his rather abusive homelife . Would he be when he was older. A grown man housing children. Who also wanted to escape abusive or perceived abusive childhoods?Or was this thought about the young Emory imagining himself with a large house was often difficult to tell if one's “subject”was daydreaming..thinking or hoping

she wrote down the scenario on a yellow “post it.” tablet.
oh she should just get a "inserts" so she could interface her thoughts right to Carl,but there was something so intrusive about the thought of nano particles floating through her bloodstream and these particles selectively binding to her dendrite and neurons to make though transmission or thought augment possible.. it was also meant following the "The New Way"way of Being which meant an endless series of expensive Neuronautics classes both intraneurally AND at that hideous Neuronautics Annex near the mall..
but still..”mind to mind”” was easier than writing a scenario about a possible TV ad based on either a young child taking children into a home where no adults "ran the place"or a grown man opening his home to “children who didn't want to go home” the second scenarios had implications.that her contract made her have to report ,no matter that Emory was ,still a child.Oh it was so confusing.still tabitha thought a commercial which featured a house full of children (drinking Compo Cola ,of course) dancing around ,with no parents or adults in sight ,might make for a good “starting point” to what “this demographic” wanted from a soft drink..or wanted the soft drink to imbue in them ..
Tabitha wondered if this type of imagination was an inner city thing ..or if it "could play" to a middle class.or upper middle class grouping..but Compo Cola didn't “care” about that “type” anyway..

" I am walking .I am walking.I have walked 10 blocks..My home is walking.Walking is my home"The continuous use of the "I" and self referential to himself and moreso  his  seeming explanation to "nobody but himself" as to where He was going were  jarring to Tabitha ,for in a way it was as if Emory knew he was being listened in on.Itr was disturbing..Without thinking Tabitha removed his headset.

 Neil,the mid day supervisor ,that managed "The team" seeing that Tabitha had removed her "thinking cap" pointed with electrodes and sensors which made the" Communion " without speaking possible  walked over to Tabitha's work station to see ,”if anything was wrong.”..Tabitha simply handed Neil,her supervisor the headset,indicating that he should "hear" Emory's interface himself...Neil ,who had “gone nano” smiled at the notes Tabitha had written for Carl.,head of advertising ,read Tabitha's “Post Its” 
Tabitha ,knowing that the "ideas' based on Emory's imaginations were being interfaced sans headset but with “Gone Nano” Neil whose  unseen nano links him instantly to Carl...couldn't help but wonder if Neil interfaced the "ideas" as his own ...

Neil ,listened for a few moments to Emory's thoughts and removed the intraneural headset handing “the gear” back to Tabitha,"He's a latch key kid right?A somewhat rare but not unusual thought style..Not too many friends right...A strict mother.Various men comin gin and out of the house?Takes solace in his solitude.Lonely .A precocious side.This "type" though a bit uncommon in this specific economic landscape has perhaps developed an overestimation of their own "Owness"Thinks in "stories"..A cinematic view of himself.You found yourself a good one to brain map..Ya know..I once mapped an alcoholic woman in Atlanta who only thought of herself in 3rd person.-
"she" is opening a can of tuna fish..
"she" is watching TV
"she" watches and waits for the next show to begin not caring what she is watching she wonders why she watches at all and wonders why she doesnt wonder anymore

"could you imagine" Neil said ,walking away,listening to THAT all day,"i reported her to Neural Resources.*."
"did she do anything wrong.anything violent? " Tabitha asked
"she was a weirdo is all," Neil said ,rather suspiciously.
Tabitha hoped Emory wouldn't be taken for "Weirdo" and wished she had never asked Neil to listen to her "subject's thoughts


Nanotechnology(nano particles binding to selective "sites' in the  temporal lobe)

  Implantable microchips were just one of the technologies, methods, and techniques employed in the past. to investigate the human mind.Nanotechnology was introduced into the "melting pot" of cross population Human testing in the mid 2000'. The sizes of these devices have become too small for the human eye to see.
   These technologies represent some of the many ways they have to monitor us unwitting victims and monitor how our brains and bodies are reacting to what they employ. They will cause what affects us their victims, including employing these chips and nanobots, and then use them to detect how the subjects are affected. These graphics are intended to convey this small part of what these organizations use, their ever-evolving sophisticated capabilities and the exponentially ever-decreasing size of the technology, now so small it cannot be detected by the naked eye. Both body and brain implants are in existence. Those who are unethical are using technologies, methods and techniques to experiment using human-beings, attempting to affect and control their victims brains and bodies from afar. These technologies, methods, and techniques are in part how we bleed at the gills as a nation economically. Those who are unscrupulous in their business enterprises have obtained this technical knowledge through the years, and have benefited by keeping it under the awareness radar of society as a whole. As we trace the time lines, we can see the evolution of what they employ-Targetd Individuals and Victims of Electronic Harrassment , Non -Consensual ,Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality Testing  -Mitchel Michelle,2006, Brisbane,Australia-(Targeted Individual)

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