Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cousin Bette


there once was a man from Brussels
who was known for his really big muscles
he moved to LA
to catch some big waves
and was "apped" by some rich guy so subtle...

was allergic to both dogs and cats
and needed something to play with
he was a finicky man...he didn't particularly "like" people
and certainly didn't "like' people in his home .Touching his things.
sitting on his furniture..
using his cups and napkins and such.

Dave worked at a "mind augment " firm that specialized in privatized security,A.I and tele -sensory perception.
each year Dave was given a few
nano particles
and a book of photos..
for the company constantly ran out of "husks" to
test the equipment on.
people,Dave included tended to "get carried  away"
with his 'captive" his proxy,his Host..
as communicating with another mind to mind and
emitting visuals and dreams to another
who had little idea what was "going on" often drove
the "Proxy" mad.

the man from Brussels was a mistake.

a foreigner
who knew little English
made the mind to mind communication difficult to say the least
also the man was rather asexual
there was no vicarious thrill to be had ...Dave grew bored

and quite reasonably
 asked a fellow worker to do an 'extreme waking dream" a 
lobe job.
a synaptic "over-ride"
 on the foreigner .

but the foreigner it seemed was resilient.
as the words
and visuals
projected to his
inserts did not
scare him so much as confuse him.

     it seemed...

the Husk also turned out to "know' a few things about
IT .
about these things of which we do not speak
but sneak

the interpretation of How he KNEW
about such Things
 most reasonable people assume to be mystical or supernatural
the strange foreigner
just assumed,correctly  were "inserts"

ya see.
his Cousin Bette
had done work in the Andes tagging apeswith very tiny filments called nano in the early 2000's
very small chips
that had adhered to his cerebellum and such.
and studied and tracked
the primates

Dave fiddled about on his headset with 'remote viewing" Repetitives and beastly imagery
but Dave
but he was breaking
"god damn foreigners!serves you right!" Thought Dave in English to the
breaking man
but he was not breaking fast enough
an interpreter was brought in
who drove
the man  to  a high pitched wail of insanity
that poor Dave could not enjoy mind to mind
a bust 
a waste of time
only the neural interpreter  of French and Waloom
enjoyed the
of the man final
  3 hours before the man  hung himself
in the closet

word has it
that this man who shall remain
was and IS the ONLY Targeted Individual
to have gotten
of the teeny tiny  nano particles that had
 nestled like a vessel
 in his Belgium-ie,bandit-ie  brain

a letter
had been written
you see
to his ex wife
in foreiner script

Dave monitored the writing ,,but could make heads or tails of the foreign gibberousity
some rubbish about some Cousin Bette
a Dr's without borders humanist "type" with an inkling to the "odd" and "progressive" advancements going on
and 'going about"
to equipment
that most Drs and scientists outside a lab or  university
with alllll all sorts of fumbling
 and security cards
  scannerings  to  get cross..

bong story short

as they say
in some circles and squares

the man in question
the hanged
Husk of a man
 had some thing
besides nano up his sleeve!

the partical-ized foreigner left a note .a suicide note
mailed and sailed across the ocean
telling his ex wife
to come to America
where she would find him
he knew what was coming.
you see.
and kept his sanity .with all his might until the foreign  ex-wife came a calling."I am here I am here"
his mentors his interface ..not yet interpreted or encoded...

but he knew.
it would soon be..

bong story short.

a note was written
..that he would hang himself
and that SHE must find him
BUT not inform anyone of his passing.

and do the unthinkable!

she must chop off his head
and mail his head to  Cousin Bette
(a seperate  you see full of "inside inside" was unclosed for Bette's who he requested do a rather complicated
 sort of post mortem facilitation)

Cousin Bette,you see,being one who had 'apped " apes
 had access to  all sorts brainy brain equipment
MOST importantly
 -a proton microscope!
the only microscope  so scopey in it's scope it  could detect and  thus "show"the presense of
 nano particles

now Don't say a word
and don't get up hope
for this proof of nano from this
but there in the
you see to the left
a strange little
was He born with this casing?
I should think NOT!
the proton microscope was equiped to take photos ..but the man had written that photos would not be enough.
PROOF as photos could be doctored.
and that as his final  request
was that the actual vivasection of his brain and SOMEhOW a proton miscro-scope be brought
out to
a Secret Society
that met yearly
the society of those who had been consdiered expandable or "game' enough to be spiked with these "dots' of urban legend
and "loons'
This Secret  Society of Targeted individuals and Victims of Human experimentation and research
who perhaps had begun to doubt their sanity


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