Tuesday, April 3, 2018

"You care Only About Yourself ," Darius said to Denny

"Think of it this way ..the stuff we do to your face with the biotech could help make this type of warfare what?"

"I don't believe you any more ," Denny said ," I think you just do this to brand people who talk or paint or write the wrong way about Hollywood, the media and corporate greed"

"Pretty self aggrandizing Denny ,"said Darius


DENNY - You just told me that my putting the JPEGS up instead of saving them and writing of my claims I was indeed poisoned could make Remote Medical Telemetry illegal unless transparent

DARIUS - Take your mask off ..

DENNY - No..it took years to be able to convince the Gotham Police I had a right to wear a face cover.

DARIUS - Take it Off Denny or I'll make you so god damn sorry..( Darius looks around the diner watching others watch him , furious throws money on the counter ) I'm not through with you Denny 

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