Saturday, April 14, 2018


  1. More "Investigation of improper activities in the labor or management field. Hearings before the Select Committee on Improper Activities in the Labor or Management Field" which Judge Milton Morvitz believes lead to "retaliatory "effects by Sheffield Edwards who was tasked with
  2. serving as a liaison between the department of biological research and several universities on the east coast ..
  3. Freedom Of Information Act- James Bloom born August 8 1968 in Allentown Pa. make this request by my grandfather Milton Morvitz, known to me to be an investigator assigned to
  4. at the time I thought he was "losing it i.e dementia ..and didn't follow through - this was in 2008/ 2009 but since it concerned - he said - why I might have Dystonia - I began to pursue it -
  5. my grandfather - a judge - ( Milton Morvitz) was dying - and wanted me to "look into" certain things regarding what i suppose we're supposed to call MK Ultra..
  6. The problems began when I requested information regarding not just the records but information concerning research on children - that required pregnant woman be deliberately exposed to viruses and toxins
  7. We seek to investigate the effect of low socioeconomic status as a confounding factor of impaired fetal growth ,affective states and earnings by studying longitudinal outcomes of child cohorts across generational offspring via
  8. We seek to understand the effect of nutritional or hormonal insufficiencies in the first 3 years of low socio economic groups via
  9. Delayed developmental milestones and the effects of maternal care on resilience and hormone receptor levels in males whose mother's were exposed to varicella virus in the 3rd trimester
  10. The subject's mother was exposed to chicken pox during her 3rd trimester to understand how the mother's anxiety might transfer to the newborn along with the residual effects of possible nervous system damage to be studied across the lifespan via
  11. They Couldn't get enough of Studying "Man's " Reaction to Absurd Situations that Dealt almost exclusively with 'Housing Effects" ..down the line it was a replication of 80 years of animal studies..These People to me Are NOT People ..Nor was I to Them
  12. A company’s culture is an ideology, a way of being, and a mindset. ' Let's just say - normalcy - was not an issue ..we came to them as Freaks and were treated as Freaks "
  13. We Came to Them as Child Cohorts literally as Test Subjects from Day One and guess How We Were Treated ?

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