Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Marco Pando 2021

the more it went on
- and I had a feeling it wouldn't go on - much longer
or was this just me
I couldn't
or wouldn't
these were the thoughts that put me to sleep
and the ones that made it more difficult each day to wake up

- and wake up - for what
typing away on this toy
to the very same who used minds
brain and reactions to a thing that only 'played with' communication..
a blog or a post is not communication
but a census ..
the social media a bonfire of vanity
everyone playing DJ ..
( as if they- those creating the web - did not know -
perhaps it was all it was for )

i believe it all has to do with cybernetics
the stimuli being - a toy- that goads us to want to
talk ..
and boast
and show off.
and react..
to news events
react to some foreseen audience - that maybe online gives a damn about the dream we had last night..
we forget the eye rolls and yawns
( and Oh God Shut Up looks )
if we dare act or speak like we do -online
we try not to think of others scrolling down their phones
AWAY from our posts ( Good God - HER AGAIN! style )
although we do the same
so who benefits ?
from this toy created ( perhaps ) to make us all sing in the elevator..?
( oh yeah, the Russians..please..we're children to the media - Cloak and Dagger spy stories..
we couldn't understand - plain old- we the people - being templates for consciousness studies - for these robots that will presumably take over our jobs..)

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