Tuesday, April 3, 2018

I take a photo of my face I keep as "Just Me" on the 8th Floor Social Media

"I don't have to put it up" , says Denny Pace , an alleged victim of Human Experimentation for "The Greater Good " of Gotham, "but at least have it 'in the cloud' in case in 2 years or 3 it becomes useful for those in the Bio Warfare field to say ," Look what we did "

"None of it concerns me except as Useful Idiot that has been pre- branded as 
'The Usual Suspect'  that others ( foreign aggressors ) can most easily view as someone "who might have had it coming'.

Denny claims his art agent gave him a bit of a nudge after the Gotham Bridge collapse to draw of the incident as a "Inside Job".

(pictured Denny Pace 's One Man Art Show "Inside Job" 
"Pundit Bridges Falling Down" piss, vinegar and feces on cardboard 23x 27inches )

Denny Pace , from North Gotham, was used by the Gotham Institute of Health to make a "larger point " as a Child Cohort for Sociology. Dosed with Viral Vectors that piggy backed bio tech Denny's nervous system, face and brain are according to Pace ," a Homeland Security matter"

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