Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Gotham Is... Spooked by Max Fate The Gotham Gazette 2021 those who burned their phones attacked in the night

says Debora Parkinson.

Me or my 5 year old daughter have not been the same since the night of the Bonfire 
I now wonder if the entire incident was not staged 
to see who amongst us' in the section 8 of it all'
felt this way about technology and Hollywood 

I have never heard from Qi Tsu again
but I have been hearing something 
but refuse to go into into

Debora is not the only one in The Gotham Narrows to claim "spooky"
after the night of Burning Lan

Lisa Jardine wears a cloth mask over her face she has decal-ed with a sunflower 
many have - both men and women - who participated in the phone burning because 

these Non Lethal weapons (microwaves? acoustics?) cause edema of the brain and face.

"When I leave the house I put big red dabs of red rouge on my cheeks 
as if
an explanation 
as if-
bolster - and highlight - the many ways these weapons are used to 


of stereotypical lunacy 

for the damage caused by psychophysical weapons

are quite the same as the damage done by a genuine mental disorder
and the meds used to treat such

that cause disfigurement and tardive dyskinesia) 

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