Saturday, April 14, 2018


  1. trying to make is the two - one with an organic Thought Disorder and one hit with weapons only created to mimic such were interchangeable..those writing about the subject or creating the weapons OR WORSE using the "Extras" for consciousness research - Not So Much
  2. DARIUS - Less than anyone on the face of the earth actually but those easily swayed with conditions similar to those manufactured by neuro -weapons and who had documented their problems - were good enough stand- ins symbolically - the entire point the Qi Tsu Gang was ..
  3. the things a TI does is SET but we could do something about linking up the term TI with those who SET the stereotypes.
    CORNEL - A genuine TI monitored for Brain research and Human factors studies unless conscripted to - had not the means to carry out the acts.
  4. have the needed focus and freedom of movement to send a message to our mates at The Cabin in the Woods.
    CORNEL -You chose your targets more carefully than your minions.
    DARIUS - We were going for semiotic variables. As it stood the semiotic of a man or woman who claims
  5. DARIUS - For obvious reasons - any genuine TI would not be able to pull off the task.
    CORNEL - So you goaded genuine mental patients to do your bidding
    DARIUS - TIs are thought of as mental patients and ONLY Mental Patients. There was no difference - except a mental patient

    CORNEL DANIELS questions DARIUS CRANE (a.k.a. Mister Bloom ) on the stand

    CORNEL - You decided not to use genuine TIs to take the discussion OFF LINE with violence and murder

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