Thursday, April 12, 2018

Seems to Me When The Batman Stories Started You Agreed to Participate

in the consciousness studies- obviously you do not own anything associated with Batman or Marvel ..said CORNEL DANIELS to Mr.Bloom on the stand ..

DUMBO ( what Bloom has been called since day one by his Friends in High Places )

I barely used a sentence or plot line from Scott Snyder's story . i wrote about The SEEDS..i.e Biotech in the blood / brain 2 or 3 years earlier..and I was aware I could or would change the name of the town back to Memfis Ohio from Gotham and Jim Gordon to Policeman  Jack or whatever..when i felt up to it ..I expected to get something out of this

CORNEL DANIELS - But you kept adding videos - aware your text could not be downloaded when video was added.

DUMBO - I did ..I do not know why

CORNEL - Do you think that was part of the testing?
That someone - in spite of knowing they were giving away stories - never to be retrieved would keep repeating the same action

DUMBO - Maybe

CORNEL - But you don't know ..even if it was a test..part of the research
chose to say - What the Hell - I don't care about Money ...or credit..or ownership over and over again because you knew If You Did they'd say Fuck You ..We Only Do This with people who are not in it for the money or prestige..

DUMBO - Maybe

CORNEL - Because you like dit so much you did not care..

DUMBO - I had no choice but to occupy my day with it ..if I did not write I'd go crazy being bombarded with ideas and heightened cognitions and sensory data ..

CORNEL - Says who you'd go mad? Couldn't you just sit there and be entrained?

DUMBO - Absolutely not

CORNEL - So you wrote - to keep the Flow going in a manner that served both your needs and the testers..who - in a sense - OWNED the insight and the gist of whatever point they were trying to get across at any hour with story admit you were bombarded with ideas that weren't yours videos added or not to very well keep you from downloading them as your own Or Not - you admit the output was not Yours..

DUMBO - Of course it was mine . i processed them

CORNEL - If you watch a film and process it and write what you sawto be published is that film yours

DUMBO - it wasn't like that

CORNEL - says Who ? 

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