Tuesday, April 3, 2018

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    Enforced Writing as Narrative Consciousness Paradigm February 18 · Data Set 1:46 PM Human Models of Learned Helplessness and Institutional Behaviorism
  • “A growing body of evidence demonstrates that behavioral science insights — research findings from fields such as behavioral economics and psychology about how people make decisions and act on them —

  • Miss Linda Rochelle was assigned to Emory as teacher during his 8th year to either single him out or exclude him every 2nd day to best understand how "Man" responds to cognitive distortion

  • Ethnography research focuses on the social, emotional, and cognitive processes that people use to adapt to life circumstances as they age.
  • One of the children that a Social Anthropologist assigned to live amongst the Lessors to mold her thesis observed was injured by the "magic weapons" was enrolled in a Longitudinal Study to understand how brain damage afflicts purchasing behavior and reproduction

  • The Gotham Police Force Decide "NEVER AGAIN" would the Protesters look like Martyrs but Only FOOLS

  • "They looked like fools - the protesters- running away from seemingly nothing but air - sure- we saw the quote unquote sound cannons - and had SOME idea how they worked -but - just the same .." said an Ethnographer covering the March Against Proxy Cyber.

  • 1973 California governor Ronald Reagan announced plans for the establishment of a biomedical facility. The proposed UCLA center mentioned the possibility of placing electrodes in primarily young black men in high crime areas via

  • compo cola/bimbombay: Gotham Is... Spooked by Max Fate The Gotham Gazet...

  • will ban people with poor ‘social credit’ from planes and trains

  • EXT - The NARROWS- NIGHT QI TSU (with megaphone) THEY not YOU!!! have more power at THEIR fingertips than entire generations that came before us. THEY not YOU! are celebrating the use of AI to change our lives. And Tell Me - What Have They Done to Us With THEIR Entrainment

  • The Narrows dwellers looked terrible— yellow in complexion from the shit the mayor expected them to eat , their eyes were red from staring at the Hollywood hipsters and tits and abs —and their spirits were even worse from absorbing it for decades

  • EXT - THE NARROWS- NIGHT The QI TSU GANG grabs megaphones and shouts at the people in the Projects to burn their phones and lap tops. QI TSU - No More Distractions. Toss the Devices !
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