Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Hudson ( Art School Confidential )

BLOOM told DENNY PACE , tied to a chair

We can't have you writing any more you're a TI're bad PR. You're the antithesis of Rock Hudson to the cause. You're Hudson in 'Seconds' before the type of Hudson we need "

DENNY told BLOOM he understood but could not stop typing due to the Entrainment to all but force him to

BLOOM- I know ..that Hypergraphia that goes with the weapons is their main show piece...if only you didn't do that strange art..and let them write about you as mentally ill..and more than that - that your Movement Disorder was caused by a car accident could you?

DENNY - I didn't give any interview agent did. I told him the minor car accident had nothing to do with the Dystonia. And explained I was not mentally ill before the weapons.

BLOOM - Than why did you go to the Gotham Mental health Clinic?

DENNY - Someone at art school said a real artist needs time to paint and I should get on nutter

BLOOM - And what was with those greeting cards you did being used in 'Raw Deal" magazine ?

DENNY - I didn't even write the words the fly by night card company wanted put on the drawings for personalized birthday greetings. i spoke to "Raw Deal" to write that as an apology but ..

BLOOM - But that's how you will be thought of ..oh Denny I wish there was an easier way.

DENNY - I understand  

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