Tuesday, October 24, 2017

words mean nothing , fiction means nothing when on what it is based seems based on nothing

nothing real

only terms like Monarch Programming
and Ritualized Abuse
all baked in a pie of Cult
with some Satanic nonsense sprinkled on top

Big Boy words like Operant Conditioning
and Developmental Ecology are not part of the legalese of 
conspiracy theory

terms like MK Ultra - meaningless terms
go with silly fonts..and talk of - possible "alien " agendas..
lots of talk of "Operation Paperclip" and oh yes Nazis Nazis Nazis..
a dollop of Delgado Bull Test -Jolly Rodgers on top
as if a template came with minimizing by maximizing the damage
Longitudinal Testing does to real families far removed from
the ubiquitous "Dr. Green"...
and John Marks Manchurian Candidate speil...

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