Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Gotham Cares

Wayne Industires has entered into a collaborative partnership with three new branches of Gotham City’s  health systems.This in addition to Wayne’s investments in current trial programs in county health, the prison system and various research facilities will help Gotham reduce costs and share information regarding new medical, legislative and behavioral  practices, says Edward Voss chairman of Gotham’s Bio Bank Brain Map collaborative which expected to bring billions of dollars to The Narrows Revitalization Fund to help bring those with economic hardships up from poverty and the many mental health issues the Gotham Brain Frame Initiative wishes to solve with this collaborative.

“We’re creating community here , we’re creating a singular machine to get rid of the need for all those mechanisms that are mechanizing people ; by allowing Wayne Industries to serve as a type of ‘Big Brother” you can be assured there will never be a ‘Big Brother “. By allowing Wayne Industries to research the behaviors of those in the  prisons mental health and  social services sectors their sector and thus your sector becomes free from potential tree in the private sector because the public sector has taken down the walls between the two. By allowing all data to be managed by one big cloud ,” said Voss , “will help end of the type of bureaucracy that has for too long stifled the type of lifestyles that rely less on the type of tech based group think that Wayne Industries wants to manage for you. So many people are worried about Artificial Intelligence making them less human so it is important we humanize humans more by removing A.I. from their lives, by this I mean having a system that controls A.I. completely from the community’s hands so a hand’s free lifestyle won’t be cluttered with agency except by one source people can trust to “bring it all together” so humanistic attributes won’t fall apart by bringing the individual into the machinery except as person with a machine not as one.”

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