Friday, October 13, 2017

Oh , The Places You'll Go !

'just your type huh Dumbo..with in the micro -meter of turn to the left / turn to the right .."

"Yep," I graph

"that's how it works for guys like you , you'll never see him again but we'll work with it "

"You mean him"

"It , Him - none of you are human to me just pieces..I just have to know what Scumbo is into face to face Emanate differently around ones you know are put there to make you feel Lessor...older,'s like a complicated perfume ..because you also feel hungry...wishful..magnetic's the white and black of it ..."

"For me it's the blacktop -- 12 stories above it - I think of being that THAT is ALL this is for .."

"I wasn't felling that at the Neuronautics Meeting Dumbo...envy and lust yes but not that suicidal thang..let me rewind it I think I missed something '

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