Saturday, October 21, 2017

I catch a bit of "Bloom" in the mirror ; my 'inner Mister Bloom" from Scott Snyder's Batman

I suppose we all have a bit of 'Bloom" in us

I am hit by the Direct Energy Weapons ( or interface , as "my Team"calls it - silly Mandlers - a weapon is a weapon is a weapon -and a victim will always "behave" as a victim -

what are researching here?
//// often I am "told" this is not REALLY about torture
but testing /////
as if a simulation of being boiled alive

the mirror - is not your friend - if you are being "taught a lesson"
about the intricacies of harming another in a Non Lethal manner
from afar..
but it is scoreboard
if you have "behaved' in a manner
that needs "a talking to " well beyond the "mind wash" of
Voices and visual hallucinations micro- and acoustic weapons
were created to inflict on another..
nerve block - is what acoustics are used for
and the weapons based on acoustic act like nerve agents might
causing havoc on every single physiological system one can think of.-
- but
the face
the throat
the mouth
the eyes
seem to be the most fun for teams "simulating " all over the place

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