Friday, October 13, 2017

mission impossible

I go out for a smoke -
it's what mental patients DO - smoke
and wait.
- wait for the "Mandlers" the V2 K and Neuromodulation that makes it seem
for lack of a better word "trippy"
Cronenberg-ish or whatever other shit Hollywood has doled this out to be
it often (MK and otherwise ) one of my "jobs" ( I am paid nothing by the way and live as might a derelict- literally - PURPOSELY - to be THIS Outsider 'Mental Patient -ye s I insist on once more expounding upon something a fuck of alot more hard to believe than plain and simply mind decoding  -
that i was literally Raised to be
a signifier of SICKO FREAK VERMIN
no expense seems to have been spared.
dr. jonathon crane indeed..
oh no if I only had it in me to explain how I was raised
- it never made sense
how truly awful it was
I have not even read books that depicted the emotion terror
inflicted on me by those two..
back when such books were "in style"
made me what i am - I'll say that much
easy to manage/ handle - not so much
suicided ain';t painless but the thought of literally AGEING for biometric / radio telemetric data
makes the pain less and less an issue
I had no idea what "Minarch programming " was
I hate the word
it sounds conspiracy theory -ish -
and is presented a ssuch
- i prefer the good old  term Operant Conditioning and Fear Conditioning
Developmental Research
(no Bases /Montauk to speak of just a bit of arranged Bad Marriages
endless incident - a bit of Man in the Moon Microwaves to help push the shit along with some nice well timed stressors at all the wrong times
and of course ..
"For the Boys/ For the Team / Small Sacrifices - israel...
how the fuck would I know ..
- the more one tries to figure it out the more daft the sound ..
but in L.A. it was explained to me - (i must grant "Them" this in the most
- bizarre but thorough ways dreampt up by / machine and back to Man as Machine Augmenting Human Intellect...sans "sentiment" for human as anything but "machine"  ...

I wait while smoking for the "Mandlers" to begin the Spy Guy bullshit
- or something to that effect..

"i am compromising pretty boy's "agency" by speaking about him would I know "He Wasn't to be Your Partner..too late now smart guy..'

Oh jesus..
somehow they know I can't swing with the spinning top shiny thing
- and that's all Brain Entrainment is
DC Darko Mnemonic VALIS Black Mirror..

Hell on Earth is Hell on Earth

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