Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Stanford Wives

August 2 ·
Sgt JIM GORDON ,in uniform is begrudgingly doing desk work
KID ,wearing only a blanket and sneakers has a nice long stare down with JIMBO who we see gulp than look away
a COP -says to JIMMY - Faggits huh Jim?
another COP ,more professional in bearing comes over with a file or some such shit in his hand and says to JIMBO-
Found him out side the Harm Her Love Club having some kind of seizure
He was trying to get away is what he said
JIM - Get away from what ?
Jim Bloom
July 11
JIM GORDON , a police officer is driving in a squad car with a ROAN, a female cop . JIM sees a car speeding and makes a move to follow when ROAN taps her hand on the wheel.
ROAN Let them pass. ( pointing at a car ahead) Commissioner told us to make it a priority stopping plates with the letter HLDY
JIM - But their not doing anything wrong.
ROAN - (laughing ,flipping on the siren ,as if Jim didn't matter)
They were right about you. (Jim switches the siren off, Roan's tone changes from amusement to anger, to Jim ,) Christ I hate woman drivers.
ROAN turns on the siren. JIM pulls the car over.

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