Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Gotham gets Them Home

    " I swear I can hear the people next door laughing at me. I should call Dr. Pinkus . But of course that's what they want you to do isn't it? .."
    Jim Bloom
    February 23
    Batman's Terrifying New Villain: Snyder and Capullo Introduce Mister Bloom ...
    Scott Snyder and Greg C...
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    Edward Voss said that those in the county health and welfare systems, which have not invested money in the Brain Bank- Brain Map collaborative, will still be part of Gotham infrastructure and allowed to serve as Congruent Functioneers” until revenue streams determine if their function to the “Gotham Goes “Project serves the greater good.
    Because investments in the prisons, mental facilities and welfare serves have previously lost tax payers billions of dollars Wayne Industries we wish to entice investors with Gotham’s newly established Low Returns Fast Track Act that offers small businesses incentives in the limited liability of already floundering civic addendum.
    ~ It Never Rain In Southern California~ Got on board a…

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