Friday, March 3, 2017

slenderman Snyder Ken-zine shill ( Potion of Gaskets ,Man against Machine!)

BLOOM pre -app-ed
of course is seemingly inconsolable-able when DR.LAUREL CANYON at Arc Him ASYLUM tells him that she and the other "mind doctor's" knew from the very first day of his involuntary commitment to the facility that the Voices he heard were transmitted to him via microwave
LAUREL explains that the Voice to Skull is
"Kid's stuff "
training wheels to accoustom a" Gasket"
to be applicable towards a Brain Computer Interface
LAUREL (to BLOOM,picking up the plasticine bag of biotech that appears to be powder )
Imagine if you will Mister Bloom if the input you received was not meant to debase you but enhance you 

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