Wednesday, March 15, 2017

origins of The Face Taker 2 ("Denny Pace")

my face doesn't exactly swell up
as tighten up
i feel my sinuses and nose be somehow pushed upward from my upper palate
my tongue swivels back and forth
bottom lip becomes as bulbous as my nose
in my ear i hear a repetitive sound of pulsed pressure
to make me pay for what i say
i am being taught a lesson that transcends thought and goes straight to my sympathetic nervous system
the premise of cybernetic manipulation of a human organism
was conceived long before paid shills were asked to spin the concept towards the Gliddy Glop Gloopy of self help
the paid Dr Drews an Dear Abbey ,Dear Kurtzwel,Musks of their time
(non threatening poster boys about as far removed from the hard,cold ,'unsentimental science of body as mechanism as could ever be )
their Tom Cruise to David Miscaivege
of the times
a better man would capture this hideous-ness on camera
it is what they'd prefer.
in 2011 i took photos of the physical effects of electronic harrassment thinking I was displaying evidence
just as predicted
the test.
to see how many people would unfriend a man who looked as i did 39
the first day
15 the next.

-when i was released from UCLA Olive View Hospital
where the testing intesified
i removed the photos 

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