Thursday, March 23, 2017

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the TellTale Arc -Animal Kindling Models of Hypergraphia
-Neuromodulation of the cranial and facial nerves that cause the muscles of the mouth,cheeks orbital -nasal area to protrude, swell or bundle train the thalamic systems in the brain to reset themselves. In time the patient being reconditioned begins to associate the pulling and release of certain parts of the face with a cadence the patient's guide wishes to convey is corespondent with certain beha... See More
Dr.Jonathon Crane shared a link.
World-Renowned Dr Nick Dodman: Using a Head Harness to Control Your Dog
Damien Darkh shared a link.
How to Use a Head Halter on Your Dog

Damien Darkh Introduction to Psychophysics Weapons (Direct Energy) Kindling; a model of focal epilepsy Neuroplasticity Cytotoxix ce...

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