Monday, March 6, 2017

21 Pilots but the Point ain't Won

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        EXT -MEMFIS OHIO -DAY We see the town from a the POINT OF VIEW of perhaps a DRONE or a SATELITE and next CUT to a LARGE SCREEN in a TV S...

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        Aug 5 2013 A report the Inspection Board of the Prime Ministry has recently completed on the mysterious deaths of some engineers working for a Turkish defense industry giant, ASELSAN, maintains that the young engineers may have been driven to commit suicide after being exposed to synthetic telepathic attacks aimed at destroying them psychologically.
        Four engineers working for ASELSAN died in mysterious and consecutive deaths in the years 2006 and 2007. Following the initial p...
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      DR LAUREL CANYON hands Scott Snyder's MISTER BLOOM a Hair Trimmer telling BLOOM to give himself a Self Injuring Mouse  look
      As if to help Scott Snyder's MISTER BLOOM (copy write D.C Comics) 'do hiz thang' in front of the

      INT - BATHROOM - DAY (mirror)
      A jolt of Direct Energy Weapons - (from Where ? from magic! like wireless!) - Hzs BLOOM making his once -handsome Actor playing Villain -face swell twice it's size-do not be alarmed theater goer !
      the hideousness caused by the "magic" aimed at BLOOM is quickly modified to the myth of movies!
      Because this is a Comic Book movie (how else should one write of Psychophysics Weapons but as such ) the augment is within -the boundaries of Summer Block Buster-
      the Moonface is quickly shift to -a shape shift - like passable - (stomach-able) version of S-i-C ..not with the 'K" mind you
      the actor playing BLOOM is of course 'Actor Attractive"and the details of how Direct Energy Weapons pervert one's own physiology -facial nerves,calcium ions,hormones,blood vessels,vascular and central nervous system-although originally written into the film - were asked to be left on the cutting room floor by the Department of Shapes and Lines in exchange for use of 3 -count em' 3 closed 'military-like ' bases the franchise can use ad infinitum


      BLOOM with his new -Self Injurious Mice - chop is asked by LAUREL to decide between two costumes to go with his S-i-c Boy image
      LAUREL holds up what appears to be a replica of of a Beatles 'costume"
      and next an English Short Pants School Boy uniform

      BLOOM - I was thinking something more sexually ambiguous -you know - for the kids-something a bit effeminate..

      LAUREL - Oh we don't use that word anymore fact the Adam Parker is thinking of proposing a bill to remove that word from the english language to gain a senate seat

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