Saturday, March 4, 2017

1924 The Science -ideology of Never Again /Anything Goes Human Ecology

To discern whether or not emotions are directly linked to facial expressions, psychologist Carney Landis drew lines on volunteers' faces with a burnt cork to easily view the movement of the muscles. 

He observed their expressions when they smelled ammonia, listened to music ,looked at pornographic images and put their hands in a bucket of frogs. The climax of the 1924 experiment was decapitating a live rat in front of the test subjects ,several of them children . 

3/4/17 ( The Book of Biph)

I wonder if Caroline Macy has a clue how much overtime I put in here at the 8th Floor ( 8floors US :Nasdaq $ 6.23 + 1.42) writing copy for the search engine.
Marcus said he overheard Caroline ,No Kevin's request to attend his uncle's funeral until he ,Marcus and I had successfully 'managed' some articles about Memfis Ohio's participation with the Department of Shapes and Lines successful bid to test Electromagentic Non Lethals over The Barrows and Memfis 'west side into some 'take' on alt media /Truther/Conspiracy Theory speak..or what Marcus calls Feeble -ease..
Caroline thinks it's easy and how many times have we heard about her "When I was a girl we had to walk through 50 news feeds about this and that and rewrite them as Concerned Citizen ,You Ought to Know ALL CAP trap complete with the ubiquitous Natural Cure nail fungus ad ..a MUST Macy said for Truther "Real News" rhetoric and lexicon WordPress ehhhhh

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