Monday, March 27, 2017

fake gods

it's not so easy typing on an electric typewriter
you don't realize how much you rely on seeing the screen especially if you kind of still type with one finger.
BUT one finger on each hand
i have seen people type with tons of their finger hitting buttons at once
and sometimes i can do it
with like the letter o going to a letter n or h
never that i recall on my left hand ..which is odd because i am left handed.
strange how you can think of things different when you use a type writer.
maybe it has something to do with there not being tons of millions of pixels flickering
unssee-ably but going bing bing bing flash flash nonetheless.
just the same it will take some getting used to

i guess i began typing on not the computer last week because i saw the type writer in XXXX's room
and he said it's mine don't touch it
you'll break it

basically it was like him putting lines of coke on his bureau and expecting me not to snort it
XXXX is a Mandler of sorts except he doesn't communicate with me via Brain computer Interface but face to face or yelling up the stairs
i spend alot of time in my room which we used to both share
until we broke up and he started seeing other people who were according to him adults
 and not childman.
me and XXXX have little in common but our proclivities and the Neuro Optics meetings we both go to become better

XXXX doesnt need to go like i do
nor was he in the program for years
i have to go because it helps me be better -ly Mnadled by Remote Cue-ers
helps me 'know my place'
in the scheme of my predicament being but a toy for The New Way

Many people are toys for the New Way
but like i said -it's about knowing one's place
if i get better at being a version of myself
I will up the scale of Human Evolve
and come back with a better soul in the next carnation

according to Evan Rainy the stuff they put all upside your head to make you think
outwardly to Neural Engineers is not the point and RUINERS online go on and on and on
about the interface
not understanding the A.I. is but training wheels till you can thing in a manner
that accepts being in touch and helped by a real God and not the fake ones the Jews made and than
Jew-ie types made all over again to control people with ideas alot worse than Direct Neural Interface

Gary Rainy hated fake Gods
and what fake Gods did to the populace
and decided to do something about it
before the wrong kind did
The Jews.

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