Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Denny Pace
Just now
Not until recently have these hidden camera and camera studies been available to the public concerning important Social Experiments done on a wide range of children given staged childhoods so researchers could best understand how and why we become who we are .The now disclosed films and audio tapes of Timmy and Tony Tannenbaum are a must for any psychologist or anyone interested in studies on nature vs nurture as many of the techniques used in Monarch Programming would be str...
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"little Tommy Walker, never much a talker smoked the crack and it all came back and now he's just our Martyr.....," Evan graphs   ...
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Denny Pace
7 mins
It’s like the ocean: if you’re no good, if you begin to make a bad smell in it, it just spews you up somewhere to die. You die anyway, but I had rather drown in the ocean than be burped up onto a strip of dead beach and be dried away by the sun into a little foul smear with no name to it, just this was for an epitaph” 

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