Wednesday, March 29, 2017

1st song of the yellow van

TRU CHRISTIE and EVAN RAINY are having a beer 
TRU tells EVAN while staring straight ahead 
TRU- Embarrass me like that in front of the Bean Counters 
I'll have you -app-ed- understand 
EVAN - Act dumb. It's what Dumbo's do
TRU - This a joke to you?
EVAN - He has a point
TRU (turning to Evan ) Whatever point Dum Dum is supposed to be making is my point not HIS...YOU"RE the one putting all these fuk-ed up ideas in his head with your King Creole renditions..
EVAN - They insist. Word on High. Even bigger than you that we learn the Neural Corrolates of King Creole
TRU - Whose god damn idea was it to have 21 Pilots to each Proxy it's absurd.
EVAN - It makes them without a core...without a point of view ..without a a way it's the entire point
TRU- (bored now,as if realizing how little he matters in this )How's Fagen coming with the Irish Potato Candy bit ? He finished?
EVAN - Not yet..besides according to Valerie it's not a story
TRU - (at first in awe ,than once again..realizing none of this means anything except for neuro-morphic chips for artificial life forms after -The .....)
a dumb mick...figures

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