Sunday, January 31, 2016

the lingo of LANGE

not much sleep
been seeing a lot of ...little faces..little figures..sent str8 to the old visual can feel it sometimes in the back of the head it hits when it's "show time" with the Eye of the Mind...
lately second sight;s the ole one two punch of the substance ...the image of "woman
" how I was for lack of a better word "programmed" to think of a Lass...the fairer sex
pop with the apron strings...
you know the script..
oh boy...
the slide show to the Slow Kills of My Mind is interspersed with Tru Christie,my Mandler
exclaiming in Bell Tel like tone-alities based on some brand of Commander
to my faggit ole self
that he'd have more respect for me if I would off myself
as THIS act
killing myself.
might actually...demonstrate that ------damn yeah ----hell yes
this guy been tortured by the Powers that Seize...
to such drasticities..
in due time Tru I graph...

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