Friday, January 29, 2016


(section one) it was decided that many of the would be dissidents would be raised ,created and groomed to be the inside..No more of "the rock star" dissident..
they needed a certain type of dissident to present as just the "sty;e" and type"of detractor one would not want to be associated with.
to best rebrand the dissident as a figure repulsive to others...and the use of causal weapons upon "such a type' real or be such a type an Active Denial weapon (so far fetched in it's cruel and unusual methods to be unbelievable)....a weapon that would cause the dissident to hear 'voices" and be manipulated by neuroweapons to disturb thought to best make the dissident come off as insane ...if that were not enough (and what is regarding activism and "rioteers") ionized weapons aimed at area's of the brain 's endocrine system etc to best alter one's appearance (disfigurement) via manipulation of calcium ions to initiate upon the dissident's very face severe pronounced edema .

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