Friday, June 21, 2019

the grotesque

  • whoever has BRANDED what non consensual human research is
    has outdone themselves

  • that is why i want a lawyer
    Being "mental" is finally OK ( stigma wise)
    but being - this TI thing - Is like

  • there is nothing more EWWWW inducing than saying you're a TI
    because if anyone Back tracks ( clicks ) what that means it's like

    this is GROSS

  • Billy Idol - Hot in the City via

  • what else I gonna do ?
    draw on walls
    ?whats the fuckin difference?

  • should new LAWS go into effect to make sure a mentally ill patient DOES NOT do this ?

  • We spoke - I played "sane enough" to explain myself ..but I guess he saw the endless posting and lost interest..
    NOTHING CRAZIER - literally - than a person posting 17 hours a day on this fuck toy

  • The BILLBOARDS blew me away
    I contacted a lawyer.
    I HAD something NOW

  • I rue the day I visited those fuckin TI sites..
    and I guess my mission is to get those fuckin PIGS off line who take advantage of mentally ill people for GAMES

  • you cannot Change a Belief System updated for 8 years nonstop

  • if I took some pill I'd believe the same shit but be 50 pounds heavier with spittle coming down my mouth

  • only famous people are illuminated and have one hand over one eye.
    the other LESSOR beings are just used as swine by big pharma and Qualcom or something to make smart cities and test biotech

  • paranoid traits ..and that illuminati shit

  • i sometimes think that's why that shit is in them

  • I used to believe some data scientist was assigned to "High risk" weirdos
    - I learned that shit as we all do..
    on TV and Movies.

  • i've run out of steam typing to zuckerberg or dorsey's algorythim

  • honey
    this isn't venting
    it's making marks on a wall

  • if there were a euthanasia center down the street ( and there should be )
    I would not be wasting my time or your "screen real estate "
    you would not have SCROLL THROUGH ME and debate " should I unfriend this weird " but he is mentally ill ' and probably needs to vent ..

  • so I sort of sit here- rotting away

  • i have a hard time with anti psychotics that they use to treat VOICES
    they make you have spams and twitches and real feel the most bizarre type of nerve pain ..
    nothing worse ...truly truly the most horrible thing to experience

  • this stuff into a bullshit bake off..

  • BOY has this fucked me up
    made me stop seeing a shrink
    and everything - it's very strange how these groups can turn you around
    ( look at the web sites) of course a normal person would laugh ( these sites are so amateurish- it's like the CIA or NSA hired someone to bake

  • and became convinced I was NOT really CRAZY but a victim of some wacko NSA / CIA .whatever TESTING

  • in 2012 I came across these sites about people with schizophrenia or persistent hallucination disorder or something"not quite right in the noggin"

  • i used to draw and paint but after my last psychotic break in 2011
    I have not been able to
    I am a destroyed man

  • I'm Hypergraphic
    - a seizure based disease of course prodded along by the fact I am schizophrenic

  • you're not afraid of the Voices anymore
    but you are afraid of thinking
    OMG - next year i will be writing the same shit on the fuck toy

  • the VOICES aren't very nice
    or VERY REAL
    if they were real they'd "help a fella out"
    - wouldn't let him drown in immobility

  • you have no future - You're Mental you see
    and your past has been "rewritten" by Fables
    you either make up or 'The Voices' do to drive you crazy

  • well...
    you go crazy a WHOLE NEW WAY

  • it's friday
    i thought it was saturday
    but when you're on SSDI and Hear Voices and hav eliterally nothing to occupy yourself but a computer or TV ..

  • Face-Eating Frat Boy Tells Dr. Phil He Was 'Running From A Demon' via

  • HEY! Ma'
    the Schizo Beam told me YOU were one of THEM!!!!

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