Thursday, June 27, 2019

Chickie Levin / Bread

  • to some affective data Robotics firm in south Asia ?

  • to HULU ?

  • to Netflix?

  • so where does your post GO ?

  • not you and not me
    I cannot even access the words I wrote two days ago and neither can YOU about what YOU wrote 2 days ago

  • the stories sit there on an unread bog.
    meaning nothing
    the posts used now more as a way to simply get through the hours mean nothing except to those with the tech to first of all READ THEM IN ORDER

  • nothing NEW happens
    one is in a Ground hOg Day of Grounded

  • Being a Cybernetic Version of some FUTURE
    that requires a near ANIMATION of Time Sequence to Back trace Narrative and Symbolic thought process by some HYPER PAID who knows what at 500 universiities that I guarenttee you do NOT live in Mommy's Basement

  • yeah , kind of sit here in diapers, typing about hearing and seeing shit
    while Life Passes By ..
    and - of course - nobody believes me
    -because THAT is not the point ..the point is ..

  • they think - that someone can live as if a makeshift version of ROBOT ( as in Chernobyl basically )
    to SOAK UP the Dysfunction Of some Take - on LIFE

  • the Mandlers
    or won't

  • so I sit here , right , now you have to imagine being in my stinky shoes.

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